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How to speed up laptop and save battery

How can we speed up our laptops?  What do you have to do for this. Friends, you must have heard the name of SSD Drive. If you haven't heard, I will tell you, brother.
 Most laptops have a mini PCIE connection socket.  This socket is sometimes used for another wireless connection but is usually left empty.  But according to computer experts, you can use mSATA format mini solid state drive mSSD.
mSsd drive

 This SSD drive can be used to store operating systems and programs, which will free up a lot of space on your laptop's main hard disk.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to keep the operating system on this SSD drive, then first go to your computer's BIOS and select this SSD drive as the main or main drive.
 Number 2: Friends, when you use a laptop, you have to go through another big problem.
 That's the thing about getting a laptop battery quickly, friends.
 If you want to avoid this tension, you will understand that these things may seem strange to you, but it will also save you money and you can also keep your laptop safe.

 Use caution when charging

 When you first charge your laptop, fully charge it, but then try to keep its battery between 40 and 80 percent. Apple Customer Care says that this way the electrons are always in motion.  And doing so will increase the lifespan of your laptop by 4%.
 We know it's a little hard to do.  But try to check your laptop whenever it is on charging. Also, if you are leaving your laptop at home, turn it off completely, plug it in and put it in the bag.  Put it on the table instead.
 You fully charge your laptop once a month, and then use its battery to the fullest, ie drain it completely.  This will keep your battery working better.  It is best to set a reminder in your mobile for this.
Laptop battery

  Keep the computer cool
 Nowadays modern laptops are made of lithium batteries which can usually be stored at 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the room temperature is suitable for keeping the laptop.  Put the battery in the bag after it cools down. Putting it in the bag immediately after use overheats it which can damage the battery.
 Try to use the laptop directly on the table, because there is a complete system of air circulation in different places around the laptop, and there are fans inside, which keep it cool, and as a result  The computer battery also stays cool.  If the air system is off, your battery may overheat, and deteriorate.
Laptop battery charger

  Keep computer software up to date
 Many companies are trying to improve the lifespan of the shackles through software.  You may be worried about daily software updates, but this change will extend the life of your battery.  Keep your computer company up-to-date and up-to-date software installed on the laptop, new software can help improve your battery.

  Keeping the laptop off for long periods of time
 If you are going out of town, and are going to shut down your laptop for a few days, try to keep the laptop in a place with the right temperature with 50% charging.  Saving with can save you a complete loss of your battery, while saving it with a full charge can shorten its lifespan. So it's best to shut it down with half the battery.  "Do it, don't do standby because it can also drain the battery.

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