Remove powered by blogger code.

Hi friends,
if you use Blogger, then you must face a problem. Blogger's written theme on the footer area of ​​the show is written by Power Blogger, how can we remove it.  So friends, you have to follow these steps.
First open your Blogger then you come to the theme option۔

After clicking on the theme you have to click on customize۔

Clicking on Customize will open a menu where you have to click on the Advanced button.
After clicking on advance, another popup will open in front of you.

This is how you get to the botton of it, then you have to click on the ADCSS button.

After clicking on ADCSS, you will be shown the area where you have to paste this code.

#Attribution1 {display: none;}

You need to copy this red code.
After pasting, you have to click on Apply to Blogger.
Then you have to click on Back to Blogger to come back.

Once back, you have to click on View Blogger.
The result is in front of you. Friends, your Blogger has been powered by Blogger Removed. If you are still having any problem, you can comment on Blogger. I will definitely tell you.


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