What is the relationship between the Earth and the Moon And how far apart are they?



The Earth appears very huge. With numerous stats, billions of people, faiths and ideologies the Earth actually is very small.

Smaller than any guess. we are taking you to the journey of the vastness of the universe. As we distance from the Earth and the Solar system, our journey will go on disappearing into the past.

We will take you to that point of the Earth and the skies where this entire ham had begun.

We will find many points on the way the most of u perhaps never have imaged of. We will find out whether our lookalikes exist anywhere in the Universe.

In this journey we will also meet those at millions miles away from us but speaks our languages. yes, really you will see it speaking our languages.

Because it falls in this very journey of ours. In this journey will also see the planets they may be our future dwelling. iam Muhammad Hasnain and Ji4you has brought  a brand new series the whole universe.

You will have the first flight with us today on this fabulous journey.

Our journey will stat from our first station 0.384 million kms away. Because it the nearest place we can land on.it is the moon. So near that a spacecraft can take us there in ¾ days.But so distant that all planets, the Earth and the Moon can be accommodated in this gap.

As many as 30 earths can be put in this distance. This round shaped stone has been th most beautiful dream of man over the millions of years.

In our childhood an old lady on the moon was weaving on a spindle.

But no old lady was found when neil Armstrong and   Buzz Aldrin  landed on the moon on july 24,1969.

Rather the following six missions to the moon the moon also did not find any. Thus science took away from us a beautiful story of the ancient times.

Japanese had a story in the curriculum of school children till the last century. That a weak and old man warped in a sheet was burring woods in a jungle.

He spotted something in the bushes.

Here a jackal, a rabbit and a monkey were playing together. Something struck in the mind of the old man so he called them for fetching anything to eat.

Or he would die without food. The monkey jumped to a stream and brought a fish.

The silly and lazy jackal just caught a lizard and put it before the old man.The rabbit had the worst as he failed to get anything to feed the hungry man,

But showing extreme humbleness, the rabbit presented itself to the old man to eat.

The rabbit said” O good old man I got nothing so you eat me to satisfy your hunger.

So the rabbit jumped into fire.

The old man removed the sheet on his body as soon as the rabbit jumped.

He at once took the rabbit out  of  fire and said, he was not helpless and hungry but saka; the good of the skies.

 In this jungle he was moving in disguises to test the people on the Earth.

It goes that saka affixed the image of rabbit on the moon to reward it for its sacrifice.

So that it remains an example of virtue till end of the world. This and like the stories were  popular all over the world.

Even to date the people shy of research and investigation believe in such tales.

Still a large number of people imagines face of the Moon as per its choice.

But what image is this in fact?

It not an image at all.  Factually it is lava and ashes spread all over the moon. The team of Neil Armstrong 50 years ago had in fact brought pieces of the same lava from the Moon. Research on the lava revealed the eruption of countless volcanoes on he Moon 3.5 billion years ago. Their lava spread to thousands of miles. The congealed lava appears like spots from the Earth.

Scientists called it seas of the Moon or Maria. They have named every Sea.

Like Sea of knowledge, Sea of Crises, Sea of Cold, etc.

The area of black marks that is much brighter on the Moon may be called deserts.

This in fact is the  ashes that explosion of lava produced and fell on the hills like snow. When the Sun light sheds on the ashes they reflect and illuminate to every direction.  Neil Armstrong also happened to land on the same soft ashes on the Moon.  That is why his footprint was so clear and deep.  Man had landed on the Moon half a century ago. But his footprints on the Moon are intact to date.  They appear printed just a day ago.

Do you know , why it is so?

The reason being the absence of air, cloud and rain on the Moon. Because the Moon does not have circle of air and gases as we have on the Earth. Which means the Moon does not have the atmosphere. For  that matter, the human footprint on the moon will stay intact for millions or billions of years.

But the question is whether humanity will be present anywhere in this present from by that time. Or the evolutionary process would have given it another shape.

It may also be possible the warrior temperament of man had ended the humanity. One thing was certain whether man existed or not, his footprints would stay on the Moon for countless ages. But it was not only the footprints of Neil Armstrong that would remain on the Moon for good. Here the prints of another 12 astronauts would also stay intact. They had landed on the Moon after Apollo XI through Apollo XII, XIII,XIV, XVI and XVII.  The Moon also bears the prints of golfer Shephard’s smashes when had played the golf on the lunar surface. The Moon will also bear the prints of lunar vehicles for innumerable ages. But a name also goes with them all.

Well dear, did you know a person had printed the name of a beautiful girl on the Moon surface. In fictions lovers promise their beloved of fetching moon and stars which actually is not possible. But here is a man who promised his daughter of writing her name on the Moon.  And he made good his promise.

Yes, this man was Eugene Cernan , commander of the Apollo 17 mission.

He stayed at the Moon for 3 days in 1972 and no return he did a weird act. He leaned down and wrote ‘Tracy’ the name of his daughter on the bright land of the Moon. It was an everlasting gift to his daughter.  He was certainly quite happy over it.  But it also had a mellow grief. Till death he regretted for not taking the picture of Tracy’s name on the Moon surface.

When the camera was available and video recording was also on.

Apollo XVII was the last mission Eugene took to the moon.

After that no man had landed on the Moon.

This picture of the Earth is credited as the most beautiful taken from the Moon on return of the mission.

The first man on the Moon Neil Armstrong and the last one Eugene Seman are no more.

 But the history is going to take a big turn.

Man is once again preparing to reach and set up a permanent station at the Moon.

It may be a reality within next 10 to 15 years, And also see its advantages.

Because a permanent base on the Moon would mean research for taking advantage of the lunar resources.

However it is a matter of time but at present we can see only one beautiful side of the Moon, Yes only one side.

Truly reply, how many of us think way over the millions of years only one side of the Moon has been watchable?

Why the full Moon is always the same?

Specked and bight while big marks are also always the same, the reason the Moon not only moves around the world also revolves on its axis.

It takes equal time in completing one round of the earth and moving on is axis.

That is why man on the Earth cannot see the other side of the Moon.

This process is called face lock;

But the man has made much progress.

He has also traced out the second side of the Moon, Man has pictured the second side called far side of Moon years ago which we seen at massive scale.

Now a robotic mission of China has also landed on the other side of the Moon. Till uploading of this video it had conducted different experiments on the Moon.

Possibly man can get further information regarding creation of the Earth and the Moon.

But so far we have learnt that the other side of the Moon is extremely beautiful and bright.


Size and Distance
With a radius of about 1,080 miles (1,740 kilometers), the Moon is less than a third of the width of Earth. If Earth were the size of a nickel, the Moon would be about as big as a coffee bean.

The Moon is an average of 238,855 miles (384,400 kilometers) away. That means 30 Earth-sized planets could fit in between Earth and the Moon.

The Moon is slowly moving away from Earth, getting about an inch farther away each year.

Because here  the black spots much less in number.

Had the poets seen the second side, they would have imagined their beloved in that context. Possibly our love with the Moon has scientific history.

Because the Moon has once been part of our Earth.

And that part was separated from the Earth some 4.5 billion ago due to impact of a huge meteor.

And according to the universal law of gravitation it began to move around the bigger body, the Earth. And with the passage of time it is also gradually moving away.

The process is continuing to date.  The Moon is distancing from the Earth by 3.8 centimeters every year.

But hold on for a moment and ask how do we know this fact?

The first two astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did a last job before return to the Earth from the Moon.

They did what proved human foot on the Moon.

They placed a retro reflector on the Moon sand (ashes)

It was a mirror that reflected the laser light from the Earth back to it. It was like, you shed light on a mirror or a wall that reflects back to you.

But they were not the only astronauts who installed reflector on the Moon. But the like reflectors were also installed at different points by the astronauts of other two missions.

The reflectors are still there helping us to know how distant is the Moon from us.

They also helped us know the Moon is distancing from us 3.8 cms every year.

The moon will not be sighted after 50 billion years if it went on distancing at this ratio.

But don’t worry 45 billon years before that the sun would also become chill after completing its age.

And the earth will also become an untold and unheard tale by that time.

If the human race does not want to meet that situation, it needs to learn living in any other planet or the space.

The too with love, since love conquers all.

Let move ahead to the Sun. it goes that the Sun will rise from the west before the doomsday. But between the sun and us, a land exists where every day is a Doomsday.

Yes we are leading you to that place where the sun daily rises in the west.

We will also show you the tale of this station, but in the next post,,,,,,,,,?



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