How to Find Mars and What Are the Implications of Living There?



It is a comet, a comet.

But this is no ordinary comet. It contains the seeds of life.

It has living cells and at some points in history it came flying from space to earth and crashed with full force.

From the cells of life that were inside it, life was born on the earth and then, growing from one cell, this life spread around the entire planet.

This is a scientific theory.

The reason behind this is that according to some scientists, our earth did not have the complete necessary environment for life in the beginning.

Therefore, life definitely did not originate here but came from somewhere else or more likely from Mars.

Because on Mars 3 billion years ago there were such conditions that life could arise there.

If this theory is proven, we will have to believe that we are all Martians, or at least we are aliens on this earth.

It will happen when it is proven, but it is a fact that in 2024 man is going to Mars.

But on Mars, the temperature is around minus 50 or 60 degrees.

There is no oxygen there, there are deadly radiations, and how can a person live there?

Where nothing can be sown or reaped. So what will humans eat there?

We will take all these guesses and continue the story with the same space craft Viking that has reached Mars.

I’m Muhammad Hasnain and in ji4you total universe, the universe series, we will show you the story of man living.

On Mars. 20, July, 1976. The first image sent to Earth by Viking after landing on Mars was this.

It also shows a Viking foot.

It was the first successful landing of man on any other planet.

So here is the first picture and here is the second picture.

Rocks on Mars are scattered just like any rocky arid terrain on our blue earth. after the pictures it was now the Viking’s test to find life.

While walking on these rocks, the Vikings had to take samples from the same stony ground and air and experiment on them in their little mini laboratory.

He wanted to see if there were any chemicals in these particles that would indicate that there was life here. Or ever before?

Did any living thing, even a single cell, exist here millions of years or now?

Is water the first sign of life?

 But wait stop here and ask that 43 years back, when technologies were not as smart as they are today, how a small machine 15 and a half million kilometers’ away from the earth would do experiments automatically?

There is an answer to this question. These two Viking cameras and arm. The Viking Landers took thousands of pictures with these two cameras. Which were transmitted with the help of this antenna to the other part of Viking I.E Viking orbiter.

From where it used to reach the deep space network on earth and then the relevant office of NASA.

And here they were stored in these tapes.

While this arm is the part of Viking’s laboratory that used to take soil samples from the surface of Mars and put them in this small laboratory behind.

This laboratory had special sensors. Who had the ability to detect signs of life in the soil of Mars.

And here is the fabled antenna that was used to detect and record the fluctuations of the seasons on Mars.

All this was part of the same 72 kg spacecraft Viking.

Viking one’s mission was only 90 days. But he did much more than carried out experiments on Mars for 6 years and 4 months.  It sent more than 50,000 images back to Earth. They had red soil, miles of barren plains and scattered rocks, ravines and mountains. Everything was there,

But life?

No Viking did not find life on Mars, operating until November 1982 when Viking one was retired. He was technically exhausted,

He had lost all his energy and was now a stone like the rocks on Mars. But even after that, the journey of finding life on Mars is not over. Viking one sent back an image during its exploration, showing that there was still some hope for life on Mars. And this was the looks like a thin layer of ice is frozen between the rocks.

And this was the picture. It looks like a thin layer of ice is frozen between the rocks. This ice can be either frozen water or frozen carbon dioxide. If it is carbon dioxide, it means there is no life in this place, but if it is water ice then there is still a chane for tests were necessary for that. But that test the spacecraft Viking could no longer perform. This required a new type of spacecraft. A mining spacecraft. Long beaked. Think of it like a heron.

What a daunting task.but before moving forward in the story, think about what you were doing in 2008?

So in 2008, one such spacecraft, phoenix, was about to land on Mars.

Phoenix was to probe the surface of Mars to see if there was water or water ice beneath its surface. And not only to see, but also to prove in laboratory tests. The phoenix lander was one of NASA’s most important missions.Phoenix  landed on may 25,2008.

Moments later, its folding arm moved, flattening the surface of Mars like a bird’s beak, and look what it did.The white snow glistens beneath the red soil of Mars. When Fenkes checked the particles of soil and ice in his laboratory, it was not carbon dioxide, but the laboratory test, this water also evaporated.This was the first time since telescopes that direct experiment had proved that water existed on Mars, and that too in large quantities. Frozen oceans of water were discovered on Mars. Phoenix proved to be a successful mission.

Water was also found on Mars. Like the Earth, there as ice at its poles, the poles. The day of Mars is 24 hours and 37 minutes; this also came to our knowledge. Like Earth, Mars also has moons and that too not one but two moons. So when so much is like the earth, what should be the next dream?

Why not step on Mars?

Why not go to Mars and establish a settlement?

But how.

Elon Musk’s agency Space has announced the establishment of a human settlement on Mars.

Planning for this is going on in two steps.

In the first phase, the first Mars mission will be launched in 2022,which will make necessary arrangements for human settlement on Mars.

There will be no humans in this mission, only a spacecraft will be landed in the second phase, th second spacecraft will go to Mars 1 years later in 2024.

Not only space X, you will be surprised that there is a space race in the world right now, it is the Mars race. Who will build the first and biggest colony on Mars?

In this race is NASA, spacex, Russia and European Space Agencies and so is the UAE.

Yes, the UAE has announced the largest human settlement on Pars. And in UAE, an artificial Mars is also being built for its preparation. In which everything will be the same as on Mars. And here the senders on Mars will be rewarded. Next time your visit the UAE, be sure to see as much as it has become. So if anyone from Spacex, NASA, UAE, Russia, Europe or Boeing reaches Mars, it will be another giant leap for humanity in space. like the moon landing in July 1969.but this time two things might be different. One is that first step on the moon was taken by a man, so it is possible that this time the first step on Mars will be a woman’s.will stop there for these people will settle the first settlement of humans there.then 1 Year later, another rocket will carry more humans to mars.and so after 1 or 1 years these shifts will continue to change.

But why this difference in 2 Year.

That is because look at this is the chance when Mars is closed to our blue earth, just 5.5 million kilometers away.

If this happens, Mars will move farther and farther away from us, so far that it will be 400 million kilometers away from earth.

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