Microsoft 'ready to use robots instead of journalists'

According to American and British media, the well-known American company Microsoft has planned to use an automated system to replace dozens of journalists for its MSN website, through which news will be selected and published.  Until now, the job of choosing a new style and putting headlines on them was what journalists used to do for the MSN site.

 According to the Seattle Times, all this work will now be done under artificial intelligence.

 Microsoft said the experiment was part of a review of their business.
 "Like all other companies, we regularly review our business," the major US technology company said in a statement.

 "This could result in increased investment in some areas and relocation from time to time."  These decisions are not the result of the current epidemic. "

 Microsoft, like some other technology companies, pays news organizations for the content of its website.

 "It's discouraging to think that machines can take our place, but that's what's happening," one of the journalists told the newspaper.
 But she has traditionally hired journalists for what and where the news will be presented.

 According to the Seattle Times, about 50 contract news producers will lose their jobs by the end of June, but a team of journalists will remain for the time being.

 One of the journalists told the newspaper: "It's discouraging to think that machines can take our place, but that's what's happening."

 Some fired journalists have warned that artificial intelligence may not be fully aware of the agency's strict guidelines and could lead to inappropriate news coverage.

 According to The Guardian, 27 of those who lost their jobs belonged to the UK's PA media through which they found employment.

 "I spend all my time reading about how automation and AI will take all our jobs and he took my job," said a journalist in the newspaper.

 Microsoft is one of the many technology companies that has experimented with so-called robot journalism to reduce costs.

 Google is also investing in such projects to understand how it can work in the end.


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