Changing Marriage Scenes from Corona: Luxury Weddings on Dreams but Four Counting in Barat

Wedding ceremonies across India have been postponed due to a lockdown for the corona virus,but some people have preferred small and close-knit weddings to their luxurious and lavish weddings.

 So can this be a new routine?
 Nitin Arora and Chetali Puri met in college six years ago and started dating a year later.

 When they set their wedding date in early May, they were planning a luxurious wedding.

 The wedding began with an engagement party in March attended by 170 people and was held on the lawn of the Posh Club in Chandigarh.  The venue was decorated with white and green flowers and there was light shining like golden fairies everywhere.

 "It was a Punjabi function," says Chitali.  There was plenty of wine, lots of food, lots of music.  And we danced all night.  We stopped when it was time for the DJ to leave. "For the three-day celebration of their May 2 wedding, a large luxury restaurant on the outskirts of the city was booked with a pre-wedding cocktail party, music and dance event and many other ceremonies.

 The actual wedding ceremony, in which the bride and groom take seven turns around the fire, was to take place on a hilltop inside the restaurant, which provided the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot with the sunset.
 The guest list consisted of 450 names and the ten-page dining menu consisted of four different dishes and a DJ for the later party.

 The bride wore a light pink silk skirt, blouse and scarf, and the groom's dress was ordered to suit them, while jewelry was also ordered.

 And then on March 24 the lockdown went into effect.  India has announced a complete shutdown of the country to curb the spread of the corona virus.

 The couple waited for the lockdown to open and soften and then they could get their wedding done according to their plan.

 But there was no sign that the lockdown was over.  Then they decided to postpone the wedding on April 15 until November.

 But they say that destiny has its own plans.

 Speaking on the phone from Chandigarh, Nitin said: "On the afternoon of May 1, my father got a call from a friend.  "If they still want to get married on May 2, they can help us arrange a curfew pass from Chandigarh to Delhi," he said.
 They were very anxious for three or four hours.  After the initial application was rejected, the curfew was finally passed at 5.30 pm.

 "They said the wedding would take place on the same day," says Chitali.  Then we had to find a Pandit for marriage.  Our local pundit first said yes, then he refused because his children were worried about getting infected with the virus.  We finally got another Pandit ready at 7:30. '

 At 9.30 am the next day, Nitin arrived in Delhi with his parents and his brother.  The Pandit arrived at 10.30 am and the wedding ceremony started at 11 am.

 Laughing, Chetali said: 'My room became a wedding pavilion, I wore my mother's saree and my grandmother's jewelery.  Nitin's brother took pictures and we took what we had for lunch.

 The ceremony was attended by 16 people including Pandit.  A zoom link was set up so friends and relatives could see the wedding.
Nitin Arora and Chetali Puri 1

 Chitali said Nitin is not happy as his extended family members, his cousins, aunts and uncles etc. could not attend his wedding but he plans to do so this year if the threat of Code 19 is reduced.  Will give a bad party at the end of  However, Chitaly also said, "We thank our stars for making this happen."

Nitin Arora and Chetali Puri wedding


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