How to make a blogger and how to do SEO

How to make a blogger and how to do SEO

Friends, in today's post, I will tell you how to create a blogger. Friends, Blogger is a platform of Google. When Google created Blogger, it was created just thinking that people would create their diary.  How to use it? You will upload your daily post in it which other people will also read. Then people considered Blogger as a diary and used it, but it was used in the diary for a while. Gradually, Google added new features to it.  New features have been added and it has reached the point where it has become a website platform and people will attach it to their business. Some people use it for technology tips etc. etc. which makes them good.  There is a lot of money to be made from Google AdSense ads. Friends, if you have a business that you want to digitalize or you are a student, you are free, you have a passion for writing or you know some of these things.  You can become a blogger and you can make money from it.

1. How to make a blogger.

The first thing you need to do is create your Gmail account. If it is already created, log in to it.
 And in the search box, you have to search by typing Blogger-Nation, then you have to click on the Blogger link and you have to put your Blogger name there and below that you have to write your Blogger address.  Then you have to sign up for it.
 The work that is done after creating a blog is the work that tells about your blog, what the blog is made for, so do the work that is done after creating a blog carefully and read this post in full.

2. Upload the template

After creating a blog, you need to beautify the blog first, because the design of the blog attracts the viewers first, but that does not mean that you have to learn website design, but you already  You can download the designed template from the Internet and upload it to your blog. Or you can use any of these templates that are Blogger's own.
 Use a template that is simple, fast loading, mobile and SEO friendly.

3. Create and publish a page.

If you want to make your blog or website professional, make sure to include pages in it
 Contact us
 About us
 Trims and conditions
 Privacy policy
 Creating these pages will tell site visitors what is in the blog.
 Create a Terms and Conditions page for the blog / website and a privacy policy page. If our blog does not have these pages, then the Google AdSense account will not be uploaded, so it is very important to publish these pages in Blogger.

4.  Publish a blog post.

You have created a blog, but the most important thing in it is to create and publish a post, before writing a post, increase your knowledge about the post, ie you should be well aware of what you are posting.  ۔
 This means that you upload a post related to the topic on which you have created your blog, so that every visitor to your blogger, your post should be able to visit any other website except your blog.

5.  Submit a website to Google Search Console.

After creating a blog, it is very important to submit it to Google because this is how your blog (website) will show up in Google search engine.
 And the blog will get traffic, register your blog in Google through Google Webmaster Tools.

6. Add a sitemap to Google Search Console.

By adding a sitemap to Google Search Console, we tell Google what and how many pages are on our site, as well as when and how many posts we have published.
 Adding a sitemap lets Google know about our new post publish, which makes it easier for our post to appear in search engines.

7.  Quickly index the post in Google Search Console.

It may take two or three days for our new posts to be indexed by Google, but if you submit a link to your new post in Google Search Console, your link will show up soon.
 By fetching the new post in the search console, we can submit the link of our post in the high ranking of Google search.

8.  Connect to the blog by creating an account in Google Analytics.

We create websites or blogs, and we want more visitors to our site, but the most important thing is to track the number of visitors who visit our site.
 To keep track of your site's traffic, we need a tool that can track every movement of our viewers, such as the details of all viewers, the percentage of new and old viewers, and which browser to use.  How much happened, how many visitors came from which website, how many came from which country, and what is the bounce rate, etc., can also be tracked in many ways.  The best tool for tracking viewers is Google Analytics, and to use this tool you must first create an account with Analytics and link to your blog.


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