Bell Gray: The countless benefits of fruit and the priceless gift of nature


 Bellfruit is an extraordinary fruit that can bring innumerable benefits. It is also called Bell Stone in Urdu, while Beal Fruit and Wood Apple in English, Bull in Punjabi, Kathori in Sindhi, Bengali and Sanskrit.  They say  The use of vinegar is useful in many other ailments including leprosy, hemorrhoids, diarrhea or diarrhea, cholera, ulcers, inflammation, heart diseases, restoration of digestive system, treatment of difficulty in breathing.  The fruit is also used to treat enemas, ear and eye disorders.  The Natural Remedy for Diabetes 'Bell Gray' Bell Gray is rich in insulin, which is essential for controlling blood sugar levels, it is no less than a great boon for diabetics. The dried powder of this fruit is used to treat chronic diarrhea.  Used for  In ancient times, its dry powder was mixed with thin wood and applied to broken bones to treat fractures.  The oxidative process is an antioxidant that prevents gastric ulcers, especially abnormal gastric acidity, which is the main cause of ulcers.

 Experts have proven through research that the antimicrobial obtained from Bell Gray, which has antiviral and antifungal properties, helps in the treatment of various diseases in the body and protects against various infectious diseases.

 Vitamin C deficiency causes weakness, fatigue, sores on the hands and feet, lack of red blood cells, gum disease and bleeding from the skin. All these disorders are called scurvy.  Vinegar is rich in vitamins that cure all these ailments.

 Bell grease is used to treat breathing problems and asthma, such as asthma. In severe colds, when the nose and ears are closed, it is beneficial to apply the grease on the scalp.  Is used to treat skin infections.  The use of vinegar is also very useful in inflammation. In case of inflammation of any part of the body, applying it on the affected area can cure the inflammation.

 Incorporating vinegar fruit juice and a small amount of ghee into the diet on a daily basis prevents heart disease, an old traditional method used to treat heart attack, including heart disease.  Including a visit increases the chances of avoiding it.  It is said that the use of vinegar is the best natural remedy for constipation and its best medicine is to add a little pepper and salt in its pulp and eliminate the toxins formed in the intestines by eating it. Vinegar syrup also relieves constipation.  Causes

 The use of vinegar is very useful in controlling the amount of cholesterol in the blood, its regular use is a complete treatment to maintain the correct amount of cholesterol in the blood.

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