Does your child also have trouble eating and drinking?


 If your child has trouble eating and drinking, it's not just you who have it, about 50% of parents have it.  But such a situation can be dangerous for your child's development and physical and mental health.

Children eating

Top 10 Signs of Eating Disorders in Children

1.Only insist on eating certain foods.

2.Lack of immunity means getting a recurring disease or infection.

3.Height and weight do not increase properly with age.

4.Leave more food on the plate.

5.Decreased mental performance and consequent lack of attention in reading.

6.Hesitant to eat something new.

7.They don't eat properly because they are too focused on sports.

8.It takes a long time to finish the meal.

9.Insist on junk foods instead of food.

10.Can't eat with people because of loneliness.

Guidelines for feeding babies

 When eating, focus your child's attention on food, not toys, books, television, computers, or anything else.

 Praise your child for eating his own food, but be neutral about his or her food intake.

 Give your child at least three to four hours of food or light snacks to increase their appetite.

 Limit the feeding period to twenty to thirty minutes, even if the child has eaten very little.

 Arrange the food according to the age of the child.

 Encourage your child to eat on their own and tolerate the dirt in their food according to their age.

 Discourage her from playing with food and talking too much during meals.

 Serve new foods neatly and beautifully.

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