Five kitchen spices to ward off depression and brighten the mood


 Orgasm Not feeling happy about anything and getting tired of everything, being in a bad mood all the time and being depressed is actually not a temporary condition but it is directly related to the human brain - and its causes.  Hormonal changes occur and it is a treatable disease that very little is known about and the cure for this disease is available in our own kitchen.  With the right use of some spices, we can overcome this disease and make our and our home environment pleasant.


 Ginger is generally considered a vegetable for its brownish sour taste and is called ginger after drying. Scientific research on its usefulness is ongoing and every day some new benefits come to light.  Comes  Sometimes it relieves coughs, sometimes it relieves colds. It reduces the effects of colds. It is also used to improve digestion. The 100 beneficial ingredients in it have been discovered so far.  50 of them contain antioxidants - and help improve the body's metabolism system as well as help to flush out toxins from the body, which can be very effective in treating many brain diseases.  It improves memory, relieves stress and cheers up the mood.


Cinnamon is a fragrant tree bark whose fragrance has a very positive effect on mood and is used for many ailments - including eliminating indigestion and bloating, but a pinch of cinnamon can make your tea or coffee.  Drinking mixed with it naturally relieves depression and makes the mood pleasant.


Turmeric is an antiseptic. It can be used in both dry and wet conditions. It is very helpful in expelling toxins from the body. It improves memory and drinking turmeric and honey mixed in hot milk helps the brain.  Gets relief from depression


The specialty of saffron is that just looking at it calms the mind and its color makes the brain uniform - although it is expensive, its presence in the kitchen and its inclusion in the diet makes it a pleasure.  And puts an end to vanity.


 According to scientists, there are chemicals in cloves that calm the brain - improve the hormonal system, relieve stress and provide relief from minor aches and headaches.  The use of cloves is extremely useful for -

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