Should I eat rice at night or not? Experts have revealed that you will think a thousand times before eating anything.


 All foods have their own benefits, and when eaten in the right amounts and at the right time, they become beneficial to our body.  Experts say that there is a set time for eating everything.  If eaten at the right time, not only are they easily digested, but they also benefit the body. Take chocolate. Eating a few pieces of chocolate at breakfast increases the amount of antioxidants in the body.  Slow down the aging process.


 Chocolate is also good for heart disease. But too much of it will start to accumulate fat in the body which will lead to many diseases including obesity and high blood pressure.  Milk calms the body and brain cells and helps in getting good sleep, so drinking a glass of lukewarm milk at night before going to bed is very useful.  On the contrary, drinking milk during the day can be a burden on the digestive system and can ruin your daily diet. The best time to eat yogurt is during the day.  It improves the digestive system. But eating yogurt at night can also be harmful.  Especially if you have a sore throat or

 Avoid eating yogurt at night if you have a cough.

 Always eat meat for lunch as it takes 5 to 6 hours to digest.  It can be a burden on the digestive system if eaten at dinner.  Always use pulses for dinner or supper as they help improve digestion and lower cholesterol.  A dish made of pulses at breakfast or in the middle of the day can be digested quickly and cause untimely hunger.  Most people eat rice for dinner which causes obesity in them.

 The best time to eat rice is in the afternoon. Avoid using potatoes in rice meal.  Consumption of sugary foods increases calories, so it is best to eat sweets before evening so that they can be digested during the day.  Consuming dried fruits throughout the day will prevent you from eating untimely so you will not gain weight. But keep in mind that dried fruits like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, etc. are rich in nutrients so eat them at night.  Should be avoided.  Avoid eating oranges on an empty stomach for breakfast.

 Eating an orange in the morning can cause allergies in the body. Eating a banana for breakfast or any part of the day can speed up your digestion process. Eating a banana in the evening or at night can cause damage.  The same is true of apples. Eating an apple for breakfast in the morning can get rid of the doctor and eating at night can make you go to the doctor.


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