Warning for more tea drinkers, it could happen to them too!


 Pakistan is the seventh largest consumer of tea in the world.  There is no season or time constraint for drinking tea in Pakistan. This is the drink that is drunk anytime anywhere - usually tea drinkers drink two to twenty cups of tea a day.  And every time they drink tea, they get bruised - but consuming such a large amount of tea can also lead to many of the dangerous diseases that we will tell you about today.

Teeth whitening

Tea is a colored beverage and its drinkers do not brush their teeth every time they drink it - this is why its yellow color becomes part of the teeth and there comes a time when it is a yellow tooth.  Becomes a permanent resident of which becomes a sign of more tea drinkers.

Iron deficiency

Iron is an essential component of our body and is essential for the production of red blood cells, which can be met with a diet rich in iron - but only if tea is used with this diet.  Tea does not allow iron to become part of the body and can lead to iron deficiency.

Loss of appetite

Tea, by the way, has some nutrients in it, but it cannot meet all the needs of the body - but the consumption of too much tea has such an effect on the stomach that it stops hunger and the human stomach.  Can't work properly-

Risk of prostate cancer

Men who drink a lot of tea have a higher risk of prostate cancer than people who drink less tea, and this is one of the worst effects of tea.

Risks of heart attack

Tea also contains caffeine, which causes high blood pressure and has a direct effect on the human heart and its arteries, which can increase the risk of heart attack.

Causes insomnia

Increasing the amount of caffeine in the blood of tea addicts affects the body's hormonal system - which can lead to anxiety, and insomnia. Such people have significantly less sleep than normal people.  Is-

The risks of abortion increase

If pregnant mothers consume too much tea, excess caffeine in the blood affects the growth of the baby in the womb and increases the risk of miscarriage.

Causes constipation

Tea contains a component of theophylline that absorbs water from the digestive tract - causing constipation and severe bowel movements that can lead to hemorrhoids.  Is-

Blood sugar levels rise

People who drink a lot of tea add sugar to the tea, which increases the amount of sugar in the blood with each cup, which causes problems for the body and can lead to dangerous diseases like diabetes.  Can-

The reason for the increase in expenses

There is an expense in the tea house budget which is of no use even though the leaf.  Sugar and milk cost a fortune -

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