Donald Trump and Corona virus: Civilian and military officials in contact with US President also affected.



Code 19 has also been confirmed by White House aide Stephen Miller and senior military officials after he contracted the corona virus.

 Stephen Miller has been in self-imposed isolation for the past five days and confirmed on Tuesday that he had contracted the corona virus.

 US Army General Mark Milli and Coast Guard Chief Admiral Charles Ray have also been in quarantine since the corona virus was confirmed.

 Since then, other army officers have also gone to quarantine as a precaution.

 In a statement, Stephen Miller said that the results of the daily test before Tuesday were negative but that he was now in quarantine.

 His wife, Katie Miller, who is also a spokeswoman for Vice President Mike Pence, contracted the corona virus in May this year, but has since recovered.

 Stephen Miller's grandmother, Ruth Glosser, 79, died of corona in July, according to reports.

 However, a statement from the White House stated that "the cause of death was not Kouna, but she died in her sleep at home due to her middle age."

 Stephen Miller writes President Trump's speeches and is known for his tough stance on immigration laws.


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