Huawei snatched the title of the world's number one smartphone company.


 In April this year, Huawei snatched the title of world's number one company from Samsung for the first time after many years of efforts.

 The company, which is struggling with US sanctions, later pushed Samsung down for the first time in the April-June quarter by claiming the title of world's number one company.

 But now things are changing and Samsung has managed to overtake the Chinese company once and for all.

 In August, Samsung surpassed Huawei in smartphone sales, according to a report by Counterpoint Research.

 Samsung's phones accounted for 22% of the market share during the month, while Huawei's devices gained 16%.

 In April, Huawei's market share reached 21%.

 Apple's market share was 12% in both April and August, while Chinese company Xiaomi improved its performance during this period and managed to gain 11% market share.

 It is believed that the sale of Samsung phones was hit as a result of the Corona virus epidemic, especially due to lockdowns in various countries.

 On the other hand, normalcy in China began to return to normal in April, benefiting Huawei, which is also the largest market for its phones.

 Samsung also benefited from the dispute between India and China in July and August as Indian consumers began to prefer Samsung to Chinese phones.

 By the way, if the epidemic of Code 19 had not spread, it would not have been possible for Huawei to replace Samsung, as it is facing difficulties in selling new phones in other regions outside China due to US sanctions.

 Remember that 2019 was a good year for Huawei and it maintained its second position globally despite US sanctions.


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