A great way to save your life from a sudden heart attack.


 ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) - Leading cardiologist Azhar Mahmood Kayani, while giving an excellent and easy prescription for prevention of heart disease, said that to prevent sudden heart attack deaths, keep a handicraft with you at all times in which four pills.  Disperine, four tablets of Angus Sid and Dependent N. T. Skin Patch. The well-known heart surgeon advises everyone that if someone starts to feel tension and pain in the middle of the chest that is on either side of the left arm or neck.  It starts to grow, it starts sweating, it turns yellow,

 If you have difficulty breathing, if you feel as if someone is sitting on your chest and you feel severe discomfort inside you, then it will be a sign of a heart attack.  And a pill should be placed under the tongue, Deponid NT Five Skin (Patch) should be applied on the left side of the chest, the total cost of this kit will be only fifty to fifty five rupees.  He urged the women and men above 40 years of age to prepare their own kit and carry it in their inner pockets or ladies in their handbags.  Keep it close, this way you can avoid having a heart attack and dying.

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