Mobile phones on which WhatsApp will stop working in 2021, if your phone is not included in them.

WhatsApp is going to end support for millions of mobile phones in 2021 and if you are also using a smartphone that is many years old then check the version of its operating system, you may be one of these millions.According to the Daily Star, WhatsApp is going to end support for Android and iPhones with operating system 4.0.3 and iOS 9 or later, respectively, in a week's time.
 According to the report, WhatsApp will not run on Android phones which have Android version older than Android 4.0.3 or older operating system than iOS 9.  You can also now go to the settings of your Android or iPhone and go to the 'Abbott Phone' option and find out about the version of the operating system in it.  If your phone has Android version 4.0.3 or higher and iPhone has iOS 9 or later, you don't need to worry.


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