What Google Discover and How to Optimize Your Content.


 Google Discover is a personalized feed that recommends content based on a user's previous Google searches.  It provides the user with a different way of searching.  This is a query less content discovery that fits your preferences and interests.  It teaches you what you like, so it can provide you with better content next time.  In this post we will explain what Google Discover is and how to optimize your content for Google Discover.

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a mobile experience that offers web content based on your search history.

 Software recommends information before you perform a search.  In other words, you will find fascinating subjects without entering a keyword.

 Google Suggest content for a user is based on their search activity and activity on your device.  It also looks at web and application activity, location history and location settings.  You can follow certain topics and entities to create your profile, with which you can also set what Google discovery can cover your area.

 Discover is a smart tool that teaches you how to search and what you like so that you can be provided with the best and timely content according to your needs.

 Discover the experience with news content all the time.  Last month, Google added web stories to its feed.  Being a mobile-oriented format is a great way to gain engaging web stories.

How to optimize your content for Google Discover.

Google Discover has started a new era of SEO which is searchless search.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when optimizing your content for Google Discover:

 It was first introduced in 2018, later known as Google Feed, and again became a prominent feature of the Google Chrome mobile application.

 Discover feeds can also appear in organic search results as "Interesting finds" on special content results blocks.

 However, it is very rare compared to other rich results.

 This is essentially an information feed that includes:





 Includes special Google rich results like live sports scores.

 It's like a social media feed and it's highly personalized around the videos you've searched for and watched on YouTube.  All of these combine with Google's AI to create new content for the user that is relevant and interesting according to Google.

 This is a mechanism similar to providing non-chronological news feeds on Facebook.

 This is a new challenge for SEO.

  has made some optimizations that have a strong relationship with improved performance.

Technical Hundred for Discover SEO.

When it comes to technical correlations and performance for Google Discover, this is nothing new.

 However, there are some areas that are sometimes overlooked.

Mobile Friendliness

Google Discover is available on smartphones and tablets, so it's important that your content is mobile accessible.

 Google has been pushing mobile search for years.  But you will still find many sites that are not mobile optimized.

 So if you want to gain visibility with the help of Google Discover and stay in this game, you have to make your site's mobile experience look like a desktop.  This means making sure that your mobile experience is not clustered with advertisements or pop-ups.

 Any images or visuals that you add to your article are accessible and "readable", if not, keep in mind that when a user clicks on your image it will expand and zoom.

 Your content is accessible and usable on a mobile device. Part of the mobile-friendliness equation is the speed of your site.

 There is a correlation between Google Discover feeds and content that loads fast.

Image Optimizations.

 Image discovery plays a very important role in gaining traffic.

 Experience also suggests that the content tab performs better when you create unique images and use them to tie your content together.

 You should also follow image SEO best practices and keep this in mind:

 Image file size losslessly compressed.

 Image contains the appropriate descriptive file name.

 Appropriate alt text.

 A descriptive caption.


 Content Strategy

In addition to articles and Google-owned content features, Google Discovery has many features on YouTube.  For content strategy

 To be successful in the Google Discover strategy, you need to mix your content:

 Evergreen pieces

 Content that follows the latest industry trends

 Relevant topics and informative content

Time Sensitivity & Real-Time Content

Discover can instantly uncover your content.  That's why you need to post content in a timely manner.

 You may want to look at trending topics or popular topics in your post and write about them.

 Your high-quality, evergreen content can do a great job of discovering.

Client Expectations

If you want to gain Google Discover coverage, you need to set client expectations.

 The average lifespan of a post in Discover feed is 2 to 3 days.



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