How Hakim Bo Ali Sina treated a young girl.

It is said that in ancient times the daughter of a nobleman fell down from a horse while riding and her hip bone became detached from her bridle.  The girl's father tried to get treatment from many physicians to get the bone back in its place, but the problem was that the girl did not allow any physician to touch her body.  He was allowed to undergo treatment, but his daughter was not satisfied in any way and was getting weaker day by day. Finally, people suggested that there is a very wise man living outside the city.  Raees went to Hakeem Sahib and explained his problem. Hakeem Sahib said that on one condition I can put your daughter back without touching her hip.  The chief said that he was ready to accept any condition.  Hakeem said that the condition is that if you bring a very fat fresh cow for me then I will treat your daughter. The chief bought the healthiest cow of the city at a very high price and took it to Hakeem's house.  Hakim Sahib said, "Bring your daughter with you the day after tomorrow. I will treat her on the same day by the command of Allah." When the man left, Hakim Sahib said to his disciples,  A straw should be fed and not a drop of water should be given.  The disciples were amazed that such a healthy person would not die of hunger and thirst in two days.  But since the teacher had the order, there was no choice but to obey.  For two days the cow became very weak from hunger and thirst.  In the afternoon, as promised, the man put his daughter on the bed and brought her to Hakim Sahib. Hakim asked the girl's father to put his daughter on the back of a cow.  Everyone was amazed but there was no other way but to obey.  The girl was seated on the back of a cow.  Now Hakim Sahib told his disciples to tie both the legs of the girl with a rope around the belly of the cow.  After this work was done, Hakim Sahib told the disciples to put grass and other food in front of the cow.  The cow was hungry and thirsty for two days.  I started eating quickly.  Hakim Sahib put a lot of salt in a big bucket of water in front of him and the cow started drinking water quickly. The mixture of salt in the water increased the thirst and the cow drank a lot of water at once.  The grass and water began to swell the cow's stomach and the pressure on the girl's legs increased so much that she started screaming.  Suddenly there was a crackling sound and the girl fainted from the pain. Hakim Sahib took the girl down from the cow and told her father that her daughter's hip bone has returned to its place and this cow is mine from today.  .  This was none other than Hakim Bu Ali Sina, whose name later became famous in the four corners of the world.

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