How to Start Blogging.

There are a lot of people who ask, how do we start our blog.
 Let's start our blog in WordPress or in Blogger.
 Many such questions are asked of me.
 And some people don't ask, but they do think. So friends, I request you to read this post till the end so that you can understand everything you talk about it.
 The first question is, brother, on whom should we build our blog?
 Friends, let me make it clear to you here that Blogger is Google's only platform where you can get everything for free. You can also attach a custom domain to it. But Blogger doesn't have as many tools as WordPress does. When you have the money you can shift to WordPress. If you want to build your own website on WordPress, you have to spend a little money. On WordPress you will need to get a domain and hosting if you can afford both. And if you have a little bit of knowledge of WordPress, you can use WordPress. For that you will find a lot of videos on YouTube that will help you learn to use WordPress. That is why I am talking about WordPress. , That you will find a lot more features in it than Blogger.
 The next question is how can we rank our website. Friends, when you want to create your own website, think about what you like best and how much you know about it. Are
 Do a Google search for the one you know best.
 Websites that show up on the first page of search. Make a target of the top five websites and visit them. And read their post. If it is in English and you don't know how to read English, then use Google Translate.
 You must read their must-see post and see what keywords they have used.
 And also see that if this servant has written an article of 1500 words, then you should write an article of 3000 words as long as possible, and also make sure that the reader of your article does not get bored of your article. The thing should be that the reader should read your post in its entirety and still come to your website and read your article. The longer your article is, the more chances it has to be indexed in Google search engine because Google It wants Google to provide full details to anyone who has searched for something, then it prefers the website of the people who have written about it.
 He then brings his website to the forefront. Nowadays
 The competition is fierce.
 If you write an article in a few words, you will never succeed again.

 I hope you have a complete knowledge of it.
 If you do not understand something you can ask me by commenting.

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