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Let's go. We've always hated the not. It looks ugly base, a lot of pressure screen. Space watching videos on this is a pain. And now this is here, the new Dynamic Island and this too has all the same problems. It wastes a lot of screen space watching videos on this is also super annoying kind of but we want this, everyone wants this. Everyone wants to buy the brand new iPhone 14, pro. For this Dynamic Island. This is the one big feature. I mean, imagine the iPhone 14 through without the dynamic Island. Would it be as hyped up as it is today? No, we would be instead getting these means the truth is Apple's Master turn this annoying cut out in the screen into a feature and that is the mass stroke. I say this because Dynamic Island might be a bad name. Probably is. But it is dynamic, and it is very cool. I love the cool animations when using the mute switch during charging while using a drop or while turning on hotspot. Also when you are on a call, the left has this phone. I can with the time duration and the right has this waveform that actually changes depending on who is speaking. I also like how it works with apps. For example in music you get this album out on the left and the music visualizer on the right and I can press hole and get music controls to. Now this already works with most music apps, I mean this is YouTube music but this was the same on Spotify and other apps. To another example is that when you're navigating in maps, the island shows you directions and the distance to the next turn. This only works with Apple maps. I mean, in Google Maps, you.
Get this navigating I can but I think Google will bring support for dynamic Island in and update the dynamical and also lets you kind of multitask. I mean, I'm going to call right now and I have a timer on. And now I can tap here and the clock Apple opened, and I can tap on the phone to Sushi, the phone app. Now, I can also press hold on the different icons to get different controls from the different apps. See, the dynamic island is not always dynamic or very useful. It's limited to few activities and apps right now. And I would have liked it to work better with see notifications like texts. So, basically Dynamic Island remains of Static Peninsula, most of the time, but when it does spring into action, it's pretty cool. And it's going to get better. I mean, we already have games designed around the island. This is a game called Hit the island, and it is what the Apollo ready. Tap on the iPhone. 14 Pro also shows this cat on the dynamic Island. You can also set a dog here or other animals. It's pretty fun. Now, apart from all, this live activities, in 2016 are coming later and they will work with this. So, yes, this Dynamic island is going to get better. I know a few people feel that it's a bit gimmicky, but 
Honestly, I don't agree and I've because Dynamic on basically makes you forget that this is practically just a way to hide the face ID and the canvas system instead it makes you feel like this is a brand new cool feature. I mean, it's not perfect tapping on. The top of the screen can be a pain and Promax uses. You are going to be annoyed. I mean, this whole UI is also contradictory to IOS 16. More one handed approach with notifications coming from the bottom. The new search button here. I also feel tapping on the island again and again, we'll leave smudges on the front camera. But these aren't big points, do and you know what, every iPhone launch event gives 100 Meeker, something to copy. And this is it enough. People did start seeing some independent developers, create similar features and I'm sure we'll see how to make us copy this in the next few months. Anyway, Dynamic island is obviously the big feature in the iPhone 14th row, but there are other interesting new features. The display has been upgraded. And yeah, it does get very, very bright. But highlight here is the always-on display. I know a hundred phones, have had a new distance, what five, six years now and I still like the Android a bit. 

Even more but this is a different Equanimity and I respect you doing the iPhone basically just deems the whole screen so you can still see the lock screen, the notifications and everything. A lot of people have completed. This aod is actually too bright for an always-on display, but the truth is, its dynamic in a bright room. It looks like this, but in a dark room, it gets even debunk. This is cool. And this uses the light sensor, but this makes me think that this the screen is always on. And that means the light sensor is always on. So is this The reason why the iPhone 14 Pros, battery life is not set to be as good as the 30 broke. Yeah, makes you think you did your part? The camera bump keeps on getting bigger and bigger and the cameras also improved. The iPhone 14 pro comes with a new forty, eight megapixel camera. And honestly I haven't compared the cameras was in the iPhone 30 Pro. So can see how much of an upgrade this is but the photos, definitely look great. Then you count features. So for example, this action mode, which can shoot up to 2 point 8, kg, 60 FPS, and by default uses the ultra wide camera, but you can switch to 1x. 
Action Wonder shoot, very stable videos, but it's not a massive difference compared to usual video mode. However, when things go really jerky, he does pretty well See the car dashboard. You're going up and now but the video is super steep. Also action mode does not work very well in low light but there is an option to sacrifice some stability for better quality. The Cinematic mode is even better shooting at 4K at 30fps now and it does seem better at handling edges than before. The front camera on the iPhone 14. Pro is improved to this or Focus now. So selfies with multiple people is sharper, but it portrait mode, it still has issues focusing on multiple people, the iPhone 4 tier. Also brings up performance bump with the 16 bionic and the phone does feel very Smooth specially with the 120, hertz promotion, refreshing and gaming is great, too. But I was expecting Apple to fix the heating on iPhones and that hasn't happened. I mean, I'm here to see if the screen names while gaming, but the 14 Pro does heat up like previous iPhones. So here's how I want to sum things. Up the iPhone 14 pro at its Dynamic. Island are a big slap to added manufacturing. I know a bit harsh but the truth is added because had moved on from the notch, a long. Long time ago, people to fill hole and punch, all cameras are long time ago, but except for a view, Android app that try. 

To make the bunch of an interactive, none of the other makers try to do anything about it and the end Apple had to do it, see what you will. The dynamic island is and Innovative way to turn what would be an ugly pill-shaped black around in the screen into a cool new feature. And that is the master stroke. Also, we've actually had a dynamic Island in iPhones all this time and we've just not noticed it. Yeah, I'm sorry. Thanks for reading. I'll see in the next one. 

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