Banana Experiment Monkeys in Cage.

Friends, there were some monkeys living in a zoo. One day, the management of the zoo hung a bunch of nails along the ceiling in the middle of the monkey cage. Seeing so many bananas, the monkeys' mouths watered, all the monkeys ran towards the ladder to eat the bananas, but as soon as one monkey raised his hand to break the banana, a lot of cold water was poured on him. At the same time, cold water was poured on all the other monkeys in the cage, due to the cold water, that monkey fell down without breaking the banana and all the other monkeys were also worried after falling down when the other monkey tried to break the banana. Then cold water was poured on him and cold water was also poured on all the remaining monkeys below. The water was very cold due to which the second monkey also fell down. The third monkey and the fourth monkey also fell down. Now all the monkeys were shivering because of the cold, they understood that as soon as a monkey broke a banana He would try, cold water would be poured on all the monkeys, then it started to happen that as soon as a monkey tried to go to the ladder in the process of breaking a banana, all the monkeys would start beating him together, they would not let him break the banana from there. Because they knew that as a result of this, cold water would be poured on all the monkeys. For some time, this cycle continued like this, then one monkey in the cage was taken out and a new monkey was put in its place. The sight of the new monkey. He was happy when he fell on the nails hanging on the roof, but as soon as he started climbing the ladder to eat the banana, all the monkeys started beating him together. The poor monkey was confused why everyone was beating him. When he tried again, this time all the monkeys started beating him. After being beaten so much, the monkey understood that not breaking the banana would kill anyone who tried to break the banana, so he never climbed the ladder again. He didn't try to climb, but he didn't know why not to break the banana. He did not know anything about cold water.
Another monkey was removed from the cage and a new monkey was introduced in its place. When this new monkey also tried to climb the ladder to break bananas, all the monkeys started beating him. Among the monkeys was the new monkey who didn't even know why I was hitting him because he had never been given cold water. It was said that not to break the banana, whoever tries to break the banana will be killed, but he did not know why not to break the banana. And new monkeys were introduced in their place. Now the management of the zoo also stopped giving cold water to the monkeys. Now all the monkeys in the cage were new. There was not a single monkey that had ever been given cold water. It is known that cold water is poured on trying to break a banana, even a monkey did not know this, but still no monkey would try to break a banana and If anyone tried, all the monkeys would start beating him. Surprisingly, all of them would have been beaten, but no one knew why they were killing him.
  Friends, same thing happens with us in life, whenever you want to do something, think of doing something, then many people stand in your way, start explaining to you and stop you that it cannot be done. You can't succeed in this. Many people have tried to do this before you. They have experimented and failed. You are nothing to them. If so, what is your status?
  Friends, maybe there was a reason why these people didn't get success earlier, they failed because of some mistake of theirs, maybe someone threw cold water on them for some reason, but now things have changed. But still people behave like monkeys who have never had cold water thrown on them, who don't know anything about cold water, but they start hitting the new monkey, they don't let him climb the ladder, and they They don't even know why they are hitting him. If someone stumbles, we also start to fear, without knowing that he might stumble because of his own fault. Why should we stop trying when we see failure, friends, always remember this, never give up on anyone's words, because where courage ends, defeat also begins.
   Whatever the world says, don't worry about failures, success will kiss your feet, one day is not difficult, just do it.

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