World Mental Health Day 2022

World Mental health day is marked every year on October 10 to raise awareness about mental health around the world and to mobilize efforts to support those experiencing mental health issues.

In 1992, the world federation of mental Health led by the deputy secretary-general at the time, Richard hunter, created world mental health day.

The first world mental health day theme was ‘improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the world in 1994.

 27 countries sent feedback reports after the campaign and there were national campaigns in Australia and England.

The themes for world mental health day expanded along with the times.

Make Mental Health and well-being for all global priority.

World Mental Health Day is important because it raises awareness about mental health, educates people, and helps them find resources.

Educating the public about the warning signs of mental health issues can help keep people safe.

When people are aware of the warning signs of poor mental health, they can have necessary conversations with the people around them.

They can also recognize when they or someone in their lives needs professional help.

Mental health awareness is so important for all people. Many people may not know about mental disorders. We often see those who do not concentrate on mental health. Mental health is important in our lives if we are not concentrating on our mental health it damaged our forward population. That’s clear that mental health is also important for all.  If we teach the lesson about mental health people maybe concentrate on their lives. Many people wherever know about mental health cannot concentrate on these disorders. Many people cannot focus on mental disorders.


10 Oct is a special day for mental health. It is celebrated for people who cannot know about the disorders of mental health. Mental health awareness plays a main role in the good health. Good health is along with mental health. Without mental goodness, we cannot say to anyone he has good health.

 Mental health organizations are also important to guide people about mental disorders. Many peoples suffer from mental disorders because there are not know about mental disorders. We all must see the many peoples who suffer from big mental disorders.

People cannot know what is important for mental health. It is the response of the organization that gives the information to the people about mental disorders. Without awareness, we cannot train people the face mental disorders. Many people are suffering from mental health because cannot purchase money for avoiding mental disorders

So this is clear as mental health is so important for all people. Mental health awareness is most important for all people. If the person knows about the mental disorders maybe they will be better in the coming days. This is a good day that celebrates mental health.   

  We can celebrate world mental Health Day by:

.Posting on social media

.checking on your friends and loved ones

.Sharing your story online or in-person

.Educating yourself on mental health issues

.Supporting a mental health initiative in your community

.Participating in World Mental health day events.



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