WHAT SHOULD Be Done To Keep The Brain Healthy?

When it comes to taking care of our body, we know what we have to do, take proper diet, do regular exercise, take care of our health, but when it comes to taking care of our brain, what do we do? What do we do to keep healthy and active? We don't do anything even though our brain controls all the functions of our body. are damaging.
  And we don't even know which ones we should leave immediately, friends, first of all, lack of sleep has a profound effect on your brain function. I call it Alzheimer's disease, the chances of other similar neurogenesis are greatly increased. All the toxins that have accumulated in the human brain during the day are cleaned during sleep, and if you don't get proper sleep, you won't get enough sleep. So it will not work properly and these toxic substances will harm your brain۔
  A part of our brain consists of 80% water. Due to lack of water, the volume of our brain shrinks, which greatly affects our brain functions, reducing the ability to focus and concentrate. As time passes, the ability to memorize things decreases, so whenever you start to miss a lesson, drinking water half an hour before will give you better results. The third habit that is harmful to our brain is too much sugar Food The human brain needs more energy than any other organ to do its job, but if we start consuming too much sugar, our brain volume shrinks, our mood becomes irritable, and our self control.
It begins to decrease, so people who eat more sweets or people who have high sugar levels feel more depressed and often live in stress. Another habit that damages our brain is covering the head at night. Do not sleep with your head covered at night. The toxic substances that have formed in our brain, our brain cleans them at night when we sleep, and it needs an adequate amount of oxygen for this task, but if you sleep with your head covered, Our brain does not get oxygen According to a study, twenty-three percent of people who sleep with their heads covered, their memory is weakened and their chances of getting Alzheimer's disease increase in old age. In a hurry to go to college or office, we don't eat breakfast.Let's eat something in tea break.I will take something from canton. And for some people, this has become a routine. According to a study, this habit affects our brain growth and performance Reduces.
  You might think to yourself, you sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning it has been at least eight to ten hours since you ate, so now your body needs a good dose of nutrition so that you don't Not only can you start the day well but you can spend your day with full energy, so never skip breakfast. If you don't do something new in your life, if you don't learn something new, your brain growth stops, your skills start rusting, like the famous saying about brain, use it and lose it if you don't use it. If you don't it will be lost so keep your brain active always there must be some challenge in your life never live an easy life think something keep learning something new.
   Must read books, books open the closed doors of your brain, so do you exercise, if not, start today, do jogging, start going to the gym or do any exercise easily at home by exercising. Blood supply to your brain increases which results in more oxygen to the brain.According to a study, exercising releases growth hormones in our body which keeps the brain healthy and active. Being under stress all the time, worrying about small things affects your brain's ability to work. I find it difficult because stress destroys your brain cells. If you are stressed for a long time, it starts to damage your brain cells.
 The information we get from the environment has a profound effect on our mind, our thoughts, and our emotions If you keep listening to negative news, you will be surrounded by negative people, you will keep listening to fights, fights, and putting others down. If you do, it will have a bad effect on your mind.

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