How to Remotely Access Another Computer.

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Today we're going to see how you can use any desk on your computer and mobile phone. Let's say you have a computer and you want to connect to another computer at a different place and control this device right from your computer, you can do that by using any desk. So in this Post we're going to see how you can use any desk can access any computer like this. So all you need to do is to get the any the status of this computer and you can start operating it using the any desk software on your computer. It's that easy. Next, you'll also be able to send and receive files from your computer to this computer also chat with this person on this computer and provide assistance for fix issues on their computer. Now, the best part is that you can also easily installed any disc on your mobile phone, so you can connect with any computer and access the files you want, anytime? We just a mobile, your hand. Okay, so all you need to have is a working computer and an internet connection to connect to any computer in the world. I'm Muhammad Hasnain from Pakistan, and let's get started. So first, let's see how you can connect to another computer which is in a remote place to connect to another computer. First, we need to install the Any desk so to get it, just click the link below, click download
And you can see that a file has been downloaded. Once you have downloaded it, we can now go ahead launch any desk, and start using it. So just click here. 

And as you can see, we have got the inner disk application. This is the unique address of a computer. So anyone who wants to connect your computer needs this number and similarly, you need the any disk address of the other computer to, which you want to connect to. So make sure any discuss launched on a computer, you want to connect. Once you have launched any discount, both the computers. We cannot connect to the remote computer. So to connect to the computer, just enter the any desk address of the remote computer press enter. 

And if they click accept, 

And as you can see, we are now able to view the screen of the remote computer. So now, you can start using the remote computer and view any content you want on it, like this. So, this is how you can drive to a remote computer and access it, okay? Now once you have connected to a remote computer, you can on the shaft as with the remote computer and chat with the remote user. So let's see. Them one by one first. Let's see how you can share files between your computer and the remote computer. So to share files, all you have to do. Just click here. And you'll get a page like this where you can access all the files on both the computers. So this is the computer that we are using and this is the remote computer that we accessing. So to transfer the files from this computer to do remote computer, just select the file, you want to transfer And here select the location where you want to transfer the file, then click upload on your computer. 

And as you can see, the file has been uploaded. So now, if we go to that location from the remote computer, you can see that we have got the file. So this is how you can transfer file with the remote computer. Okay? Now let's see a helping another person to solve an issue and you want to get some instructions. How can you communicate with them next? Let's see how you can use the chat option so to use the chat option, just click here. And here and in the message, you want to send 

Then press enter and the message will be sent to the remote. Computer will see a message like this on the remote computer. 

I know that a more user can reply to this message. 
Okay, so this is how you can use the chat option to communicate with the remote computer, okay? No one second with the remote computer using the any desk address only, you can access the remote computer and they cannot access girls. So let's say you want to show the remote user, how the application works on your computer or let the max is your computer without switching off the current session. You can do that by giving access to the remote user to use your computer. So next, let's see how you can change the access between your computer. And remote computer. So to switch the axis, just click here. Click switch sides. And you will get this dialog box. Now, click okay. And you can see that the actress has been changed. And the remote user can now access this computer. 

Okay, next let's see how to record a session while connected to a remote PC so this will be useful while resolving an issue which you can share to a new user if the same issue happens again. So to record a session with the remote PC, just click here and the recording will be started. 

So once you have done your work again, you can just click here to stop the recording. 

And the recording will be saved. So to see it, just click here. Click session recordings. 

And here you can see that we have got the recording, so let's open it. 

And you can see the session, we just recorded. Okay? This is how you can record a session on any desk. So now, you know how you can connect to a remote computer and use all the features. Now, let's say you have a computer at home for office and you want access it from some other place, but you don't have the Adidas address of the computer, how can you access the computer? So next, let's see how you can connect to a remote computer without the help of the remote user. Now, this will be helpful when you want to access your office computer from your home. Without anyone's help. So to do that, we need to enable unattended access and then set up a password for it. So we do it. Let's go to remote. PC click here. 
And click set password. 


Enable unattended access. And then set up the password for the axis. 

I'm going to set up my password. 

And click apply. 

So now we have successfully enable the unattended access, which means we can access this computer using the number and the password, which we have set from any computer any time you want. So jacket. Let's connect from a remote computer. So this enter the address of the computer with unattended access 

And press enter. 

Oh here, you need to enter the password which you have set for that. Computer of, I'm going to enter the password which I have said. 

And click, okay. 

As you can see, we are successfully connected to the remote computer without the need for approval from the remote user, okay? Next. Let's see how you can connect to a remote computer using a mobile phone. So that says to a remote computer from the mobile. First, we need to install the any desk app on a mobile or any desk is available for both Android and iOS. So install, the app based on a device model, Once you have installed any desk app on your mobile, we can now connect to a remote computer using our phone. So reconnected open the app and here in the any disk address of the computer which you want to access. 

Then click here. 

And now, they click accept. 

You can see that we have got the access of the computer through a mobile phone. 

And you can access all the files on this computer just like we did before. So, this is how you can connect to a remote computer using your mobile phone, okay? So now, you know how to use any desk and it's different features. Now, any desk is free for personal use and offers a limited set of features and support. So only with the Premium plan, the session timing, the recording is unlimited, and all the features will be accessible. And also, there are features that are only available with the Premium plan. 

To the first feature is Big to land. This feature, lets you wake at PC from sleep or booted up to access your files. Anytime you want. And the next feature is privacy mode, which lets you to turn off the screen of the remote PC, so you can work without anyone seeing your content on the other end. So you get the premium plan. Just click the link here download

I hope this post will give you an idea of ​​how to download and use Anydesk.
You can ask by commenting in the box. Allah Hafiz.


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