How to Stop Over Thinking.


A young boy lived in a village, he was always sad and sad, lost in the sorrows and bad memories of the past, he could not forget them.
He used to get worried thinking about the same thing. If he made a mistake or someone told him something, he would think about it all day long. What did I do? Why did he say that to me.

Why did he do this, the same thing kept going on in his mind all day long, he used to curse himself, curse his fate or make plans to take revenge on that person.

Due to this habit of his, he was not able to concentrate on his work due to which he was fired many times.
He was always in tension and stress and he did not understand what to do. Seeing his condition, one day his friend advised him that there are Babaji living in the neighboring village who are very sensible. Also go to them and tell them your problem, they will definitely tell you some solution. That boy goes to Babaji and tells him his problem how he is worried about the same thing and keeps thinking about it all day long.

He can't forget the pains and troubles of the past. He doesn't understand what to do. After hearing the boy's words, Baba wakes up and goes inside his room without saying anything.

Now the boy watches them go in surprise, I don't know what I did wrong that Babaji got up and went inside without answering me.

The boy seems a little strange, but he keeps sitting there saying that if I have come now, I will go with the answer. After a while, Babaji came back. He had a glass full of water in his hand.

So the boy also got up and stood in front of them. Babaji raised the glass of water in the air and asked the boy to tell me how much the weight of this glass is.

Baba Ji said if I hold this glass like this for a minute, what will happen?

The boy looked at Babaji with surprise, nothing will happen. Babaji said if I keep this glass like this for an hour. So what will happen.

Now the boy thought for a while and said that your arm will get tired, your fingers, hands and arms will start hurting.

 Well, what will happen if I hold this glass like that for a whole day.

You may experience severe pain in your arm, your arm may become stiff and numb, you may even experience paralysis, and you may need to be hospitalized due to the pain.

The boy replied seriously.

But during this time, the weight of the glass has not increased as much as before, so why will this happen, why will the arm become stiff, why will I have to go to the hospital? The longer you hold the glass the more pain you will feel then how can we avoid this pain or what can we do to get rid of this pain it's very simple put the glass down the boy replied.

Baba ji smiled and said that you have told me very well, now listen to me carefully, the problems of life are like a glass of water, if you keep them in your mind for a while, think about them for a while, then there is no problem at all. OK, but if you keep thinking about them for hours, keeping the same problem in your head, you will get a headache, you will feel tired, and you will not feel like doing anything. will do

And if you keep them in your mind for a long time, thinking about them for a whole day or several days, they will ruin your life and drive you crazy.

Your energy will consume energy and suppress your abilities.

You will not be able to do any of your work well.

Then Baba Ji very lovingly said that it is important to think about your past mistakes and bitter memories, but it is more important that you learn a lesson from these mistakes and bitter experiences and move forward in life by learning them. Don't keep thinking about it.

 If you keep holding on to one thing, that thing will create pain in your life just like this glass, it will make your life difficult. It will be out of your hands.

While crying over your past, you will ruin your present and then after the time has passed, you will regret what you have done.

The kind of person you wanted to be in your past or the mistakes you made in the past you are sorry for. But you have to regret, so stop crying about your past and focus on your today, 

make your today better.


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