13 Amazing Causes Of A Heart Attack


 Some of the factors that cause heart attacks are known to everyone, ie even an average person estimates that obesity, diabetes and blood pressure increase the risk of this fatal attack.

 Similarly, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the major factors, but very few people are aware of the rare causes that increase the risk to your heart many times over.

So to increase your safety and information, it is important to know the amazing reasons that can be life-saving at any time.

Lack of sleep

 If sleep deprivation is normalized, it can lead to fatigue and irritability, but it can also increase the risk of heart attack.  According to a study, people who are accustomed to sleeping less than six hours have twice the risk of heart attack than others, because lack of sleep raises blood pressure, which  Not good for the heart.

Half a headache

 People who suffer from this headache often have a higher risk of having a heart attack at some point in their lives than others.  Pain, especially when you hear strange sounds or feel a little strange, indicates heart problems.

 Air pollution

 Heart attacks are more common when the rate of air pollution is very high, people who are forced to breathe in polluted air are more likely to have blood clots or clots in the arteries and heart disease, as well as traffic jams.  Being stuck in a car can also be dangerous because anger or frustration with car smoke can lead to a heart attack.

 Dominance of negative or positive emotions

 Anger, sadness and stress can lead to heart problems, as everyone knows, but happy moments can sometimes lead to heart attacks, such as the joy of marriage or the birth of a child.  Is.

 Hard physical labor

 Physical exercise protects the heart on a long-term basis, but too much exercise can be dangerous. About 6% of heart attacks are caused by strenuous physical exertion, especially in the case of anger or anxiety.  Physical activity should be avoided.

 Eat more

 According to a US study, people who suffer from heart disease are four times more likely to have a heart attack in the next two hours as a result of overeating.  Can cause seizures, for example food intake increases heart rate and blood pressure while dietary fatty acids enter the bloodstream or increase the rate of insulin which constricts the arteries of the heart.  And increases the risk of heart attack.


 If you have this lung disease, the risk of heart attack has increased to 70%, even if you control it with these healers, the risk is higher than usual, which is because of asthma.  Because of this, most people ignore the chest, which is also an early sign of a heart attack.

 Being emotional while watching the game

 Yes, even watching the game can lead to a heart attack, which is due to the attachment to one's team and if the team's performance is poor, the heart has to bear the brunt of the blow.

 Alcohol and drug use

 The risk of heart attack is also increased by the use of drugs or alcohol.  The American Heart Association acknowledges that too much alcohol raises blood pressure levels and, as a result, causes people to overeat, leading to death from heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest.  ۔


 Coffee raises blood pressure for a while and it can trigger a heart attack, especially if you are not used to drinking this drink as people in Pakistan do not like it.  According to the American Heart Association, high levels of caffeine in coffee can increase the risk of heart disease, but moderation, such as drinking one or two cups of coffee a day, is not harmful.

 Cold & Flue

 Inflammation can damage the heart and arteries when the body's immune system is battling a cold or flu, according to a study. Respiratory tract infections double the risk of a heart attack, but this risk  Reduces when the infection is under control.

 Cold weather

 Cold weather forces the arteries to constrict and makes it difficult for blood to reach the heart. In addition, the heart has to work harder to keep the body warm during this time.

 Very sad

 People who mourn the death of a loved one are 21 times more likely to have a heart attack.  Research from the Howard Medical School in the United States has shown that stress, lack of sleep and forgetting to take medication after the death of a loved one increases the risk for those who are grieving.  Research has shown that on the first day of the death of a loved one, the risk of heart attack is twenty-one times higher than the risk of a heart attack, compared to six times during the first week.

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