Don't take children's headaches lightly. Learn their causes and treatment


 Don't take children's headaches lightly. Learn their causes and treatment

It has been commonly observed in families that when children complain of headaches, the parents interpret the pain as an excuse.  Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.  There are also causes that, if not addressed in time, can lead to major problems.  It is not only important to know these causes but also to treat them in time to avoid major problems.

Due to poor eyesight

The pain in the head of a school going child in the name of reading is not always an excuse but one of the major causes of pain in the name of reading books is the weakness of the child's eyesight.  If he complains of such pain from time to time, instead of considering it as minor, take him to an ophthalmologist immediately and get his eyes checked so that if his eyesight is weak, glasses can be fitted in time.

The pain caused by the common cold

Most of the victims of climate change are children who seem to be cured by antibiotics, but these drugs cause the cold to go away, which does not seem to be felt, but in the cold season, the frozen cold head.  Causes pain that is very severe.  As a treatment for this, children are given steam to get rid of the cold and make it easier for them to breathe.

Due to a head injury

Usually babies don't pay attention to the injuries they get while playing, but all their pains wake up in front of the mother - so if your child complains of a headache, make sure to check.  This is not due to an injury because head injuries are not uncommon.It is important to get checked by a doctor immediately.

Due to migraine

 If your child has a severe headache that makes him or her feel bad from the noise and light and also has nausea and abdominal pain and such headaches recur after a few intervals, then this is also a migraine.  This pain may not be considered trivial and you should see your doctor immediately.

Due to stress

This headache usually occurs in children on exam days.  Due to this pain, the child becomes irritable, his head and shoulder muscles are stretched and his body becomes heavy.  There is also a chance of the heart beating randomly. In the event of such pain, bring the child closer to yourself. Try to solve the problem with your love and attention and try to divert his attention.

Because of food and water

Children usually eat outside foods that can cause their stomach upset.  In such a situation, the child with indigestion may also suffer from headaches which can be relieved with indigestion medicine.  The cause may be a headache, for which it is necessary to give the child an adequate amount of water.

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