Do not eat leftover rice kept in the fridge, otherwise .Experts warn


 Medical experts have revealed that eating rice kept in the fridge poses a risk of food poisoning.

 There is hardly a person whose diet does not include rice as an essential ingredient and even among traditional foods, biryani is one of the most desirable and delicious foods.

 But did you know that old home-made rice, which is often stored in the refrigerator, can also be harmful to health?

 Experts say that reheating the rice is not dangerous but the important thing is how to preserve it after cooking.

 According to medical experts, the higher the temperature at which rice is prepared, the more harmful it becomes to health.

 Medical experts further said that when rice is raw, it contains food poisoning germs which increase after cooking.

Dietitians suggest that soaking rice in water overnight reduces the amount of arsenic by 80% and leaves only the amount that is not very harmful to health.

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