8 silent symptoms of liver disease


  Proper functioning of the liver is essential for good health for a number of reasons, but the most important thing is that the liver is needed to digest everything we eat, so there is nothing wrong with that.  Or the symptoms of the disease are often ignored by most people.


 The following are the symptoms of liver damage.

Mental confusion

If confusion is felt in every case, it could be a sign of serious liver disease, because the liver does not function normally, so toxins enter the bloodstream and reach the brain, if your confusion is bad.  See a doctor immediately if possible.

Yellowing of the eyes

Yellow eyes are a sign that there is something wrong with the liver and is probably the most obvious sign of liver disease.  However, when the liver has difficulty performing its function, this component begins to accumulate, resulting in whitening of the eyes.


When the virus infects the liver, it becomes inflamed while its functions are affected. The most common virus that infects the liver is hepatitis.  B and C usually affect people when they come in contact with blood or similar body fluids.


Everyone experiences fatigue at some point, but the fatigue they experience due to liver disease is very different.  In the case of liver disorders, this organ makes it extremely difficult to complete the day by controlling energy. Coffee and other caffeinated beverages make the condition of the liver worse, so water to regain energy,  Limit fruits and healthy protein.


If there is a problem in the liver, itching starts all over the body. Medical experts do not know the exact cause of this, but they think that it is due to some kind of salt. This salt called bile is a part of the stomach which is the liver.  However, in the case of liver disease, its levels begin to rise and itching occurs.


If the stomach suddenly swells like a balloon and does not shrink, it can be a bigger problem than normal gas filling. According to medical experts, increased pressure on the blood vessels around the liver causes the stomach to fill with air.  I need to show the doctor the cause of the problem.


Obesity increases the risk of fatty liver disease, especially if you are in your fourth or fifth decade of life. Obesity causes fat to build up around the liver, which can lead to liver scratches.

Close relative

If a close relative has liver disease, you are 13 times more likely to have the disease inside you. According to a study, this disease is also genetically transmitted from one person to another.

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