6 important tips for women who want to become mothers


 Shortly after marriage, the heart of a married couple begins to desire to have children.  This experience is new and unique for both men and women, but a woman has to face many changes and challenges during this stage in her life.  Girls who are expecting or wanting to be mothers for the first time usually need to take care of many things.  Due to lack of information, they face many difficulties in getting pregnant.  Usually mothers, mothers-in-law or other experienced women at home advise girls to avoid certain things.  According to medical experts, women who want to have children also need to be careful and balance their diet and lifestyle.

Don't overdose on caffeine

You don't have to skip your morning cup of tea, but caution is needed if you are consuming more than 200 milligrams of caffeine a day.  200 mg means one to two eight ounce cups a day.  Excess caffeine in the body can make it difficult to conceive and can also have a negative effect on a woman's health.  Excessive consumption of caffeine reduces the body's ability to absorb iron, dehydrates and increases the risk of miscarriage or premature baby.

Don't lose or lose weight

Just as being overweight is harmful, being underweight can be difficult for women who want to have children.  Be sure to get your BMI (Body Mass Index) for this.  BMI lets you know if you are underweight for your height, right ?, overweight?  Or too much?  If your BMI is high (above 30) or very low (18.5 sec), you may have a decrease in menstruation or irregularity.  Obesity can lead to maternal problems such as diabetes, physical weakness in the baby, or the need for a c-section.  Therefore, it is important that you weigh yourself according to your height when you are trying to do this.

Increase the consumption of vegetables

Health experts are considering whether there is a link between pregnancy and diet.  However, everyone agrees that if the body is healthy, it will be easier to become a mother.  This means that it is important for women who want to become mothers to take care of their diet.  In this case, folic acid is essential for health, which is found in most spinach.  In addition, green vegetables are rich in vitamin B, which is important for women's health.

Blessings in action

 Sitting all the time is also detrimental to overall health.  According to a study, proper physical activity such as brisk walking, cycling and gardening can shorten the time it takes to become a mother.  However, overdoing anything is harmful.  The same research has shown that too much exercise in a short period of time can make it difficult to conceive.  If exercising causes menstrual irregularities or other discomfort, it means that you need to change your exercise routine.

Be careful eating fish

Some fish have high levels of mercury or mercury, which is harmful to health.  Consumption of such fish can lead to impaired reproductive capacity. In addition, mercury can stay in the body for a year or more and can interfere with the child's mental development.  If you like seafood, you can eat prawns or gray fish.

Try to stay calm

A little bit of stress is a part of our lives.  Experts believe that mild anxiety or restlessness is normal and does not have any effect on the reproductive system, but this is the same stress if it is exacerbated and affects your health.  It can also affect your ability to be a mother.  Contact your doctor or try alternative therapies such as yoga and acupuncture to reduce stress.


Living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits can play an important role in becoming a mother.  Research has shown that two-thirds of women who are overweight or underweight suffer from problems such as infertility or reproductive system disorders.  There is no need to worry, but taking care of these things can be very helpful in making the experience of becoming a mother pleasant.

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