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Know the benefits of this herb? Pregnant women will start using it if they know

 Today we tell you about the benefits of the herb Mary that most women use during pregnancy.  The Maryam plant is also called the flower of Mary.  Maryam Boti is called Anastatica in English and scientific language and is found in the barren areas of the desert.  This includes countries like Iran, Iraq and Pakistan, but it is easily found in Saudi Arabia, Mecca and Medina, and most people order or buy it from there.

 The herb also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron and in many countries its powder is used with honey and olive oil to treat other eye problems.

 In Pakistan and Malaysia, it is commonly used by women during childbirth to reduce labor pains.

  The herb reduces the pain of labor and increases the chances of a normal delivery.

  It is very easy to use. Whenever pregnant women start having labor pains, take water in a bowl.

  Now soak Maryam Boti in it.

 Now drink this water comfortably.

  After a while, this plant will start growing.

 Keep drinking from the same bowl until the baby is born and keep adding water to the bowl again when the water runs out.

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