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Amazing benefits of eating a mixture of fennel and fennel

 Most people like to eat fennel and myrrh together.  It is very useful for refreshing breath as well as digestive system.  If you also stay away from this sweet stone, then knowing its benefits, you will make it a habit to use it.  If you are not convinced, here are some benefits that will help you to be convinced.

 ۔  Eating a pinch of mustard and fennel after a meal removes unpleasant shortness of breath and digestion begins immediately.

 ۔  Anorexia nervosa is complete.

 ۔  The use of mascara improves memory, while also reducing mental fatigue.

 Mix some amount of mesri in hot milk and drink it before going to bed, it works as an effective tip to improve memory.

 ۔  Drinking Misri dissolved in water helps to stabilize and improve vision.

 2. It improves the taste of the mouth and increases the level of physical energy by removing the heaviness that occurs after eating.

 Possibly helpful in stopping bleeding from the nose

 It may sound strange, but Egyptian hemorrhoids help to stop the bleeding from the nose immediately after the outbreak, just put pieces of Egyptian water in it and wait for it to dissolve to some extent.  Then pouring a few drops of water into the nose immediately stops the bleeding.


 There are several benefits to using it, but it is important to keep in mind that since it contains a lot of sweetness, it should be avoided in large quantities. Diabetics should avoid it while using it.  Also consult a doctor before making a routine.

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