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Easy Home Remedies for Painful Joints with Baking Soda

 Drinking baking soda mixed with water can help reduce joint pain. This claim came to light during a study in the European country of Georgia. Baking in almost every kitchen.

Soda can help prevent the immune system of people with arthritis from invading the affected areas, which can lead to painful edema.  Research from the Medical College of Georgia found that using baking soda mixed with water for two weeks reduced the number of cells in the body's immune system that cause inflammation in the joints.  According to researchers, this is a potentially safe way to treat inflammatory diseases. According to researchers, baking soda affects the cells in the internal organs that warn the body that a harmful or invasive person has entered.  And drinking water mixed with baking soda can stop these cells from starting the immune system's response, he said.

 During the study, when healthy people were given water containing baking soda, they showed a decrease in the levels of T cells in addition to certain cells, which is considered to be a major cause of body inflammation.  Published in Immunology۔

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