Eat jaggery and enjoy the health benefits


 jaggery made from pure sugarcane juice is also called sugar substitute.  Gar contains carotene, nicotine, acids, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C as well as iron and phosphorus.  Experts say that Garh is the closest alternative to sugar. You can use it just like sugar, but Garh has more benefits than sugar.  The health benefits of Garh being used for are listed below.

Clean the blood from the jaggery

jaggery has the ability to cleanse the blood. Its use removes toxic substances from the body. Therefore, according to experts, the use of jaggery protects against blood diseases.

waste products from the body

jaggery can be used to expel waste products from the body. It also cleanses the liver and keeps the urinary system completely healthy.

winter season

In the winter season, making gud and black sesame laddu in the morning and evening helps in fighting against cold and is also beneficial in cough, asthma etc.
 Jaggery has also been shown to be effective in preventing hiccups.  Dry and grind the old gar.  Mixing ground ginger in it and sniffing it gives relief in hiccups.

Back pain

We mix 50 grams of celery powder and take 5 grams of this mixture in the morning and 5 grams in the evening. It is useful in treating back pain.

Complaints of constipation

jaggery is useful for relieving constipation.  It stimulates the digestive system in the body. The body digests food properly.  That's why experts prefer to eat jaggery after eating.

Seasonal and common diseases

jaggery is also very useful in seasonal and common ailments like cough, migraine, bloating etc.

children complain

If your children complain of urinating in bed, feed your children gar and sesame seeds.

Protects against infection

The antioxidants and minerals present in Garh, such as zinc and selenium, control free radicals in the body. These antioxidants also strengthen the immune system and protect against infections.

Gas problem

jaggery is very useful for the treatment of flatulence and intestinal obstruction.  Eating just a small piece of jaggeryr after each meal can help you avoid bloating and gas.

Hair long

For beautiful hair, apply jaggery, multani mud and yoghurt on the scalp.  This will make your hair long, thick and shiny.

Breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding mothers should use white cumin powder and jaggery in the morning and evening.It is good for the health of both them and their baby.

Memory sharp

Use jaggery Halwa to sharpen memory and enhance memory.

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