you have red or yellow pimples on your face, do not blow them


 Warning!  Never squeeze the grains on the skin because ..

 It is often the case that when a pimple appears on our body, we start peeling it, but health experts warn that the pimple should not be peeled at all as it has a very negative effect on the skin.

 Health experts say that when we peel a grain, its contents spread to the surrounding skin and fill it with germs and the skin color also deteriorates. They say that if you peel the grain  If not, it will go away on its own in a week and it will not have any side effects on the skin which can occur in case of pimples.

 If you are bothered by these grains, apply baking soda on them instead of cracking them. Baking soda will dry these grains and they will disappear automatically in a few days.

 If you want to avoid grains, reduce the amount of fat in your diet. They are more common in your youth, so include foods that are low in fat in your diet. Use fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.  Reduce the amount of red meat and eat white meat. Some research has also shown that eating dairy products such as milk and cream also causes more nail acne, so avoid them as well. Do not apply too much cream because they  Chemicals present in the skin cause damage.

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