What are the benefits of applying yogurt on hair


 Scientists have also explained the cause of this problem to people who are bothered by scalp and dryness in their hair and have also given a very simple treatment for it with a simple thing.  According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Chinese scientists say that "bacteria in the scalp cause scurvy.  When one type of bacteria grows more and more in the head, while other types of bacteria struggle to reproduce, dryness and scurvy occur in the head.  If you want to get rid of dandruff, you need to keep the number of bacteria in your head balanced.  There are many lotions available that can be used for this purpose but the use of yogurt is very useful for this. ”

 Scientists at Shanghai's Jia Tang University took samples from the heads of 59 people between the ages of 18 and 60 and tried to find out the causes and treatment by experimenting on them.  The scientists said: "Previously, there was a general perception that a type of fungus in the head was caused by Malassezia, but almost all of the people we sampled had this fungus in their heads, but some  The heads were scarred and some did not.  In the meantime, these samples revealed a deterioration in the number of bacteria, and research has shown that the main cause of drought is an imbalance in the number of different types of bacteria. ”To restore this balance and eliminate drought and drought.  Therefore, yogurt was found to be so useful that scientists considered it much better than expensive lotions and medicines.

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