If you do this before you make an egg, don't fall for it, because experts say


 Washing anything you bring in from outside is your first task so that eating it without washing it will not harm our health. This process is perfectly fine as a rule, but the amazing thing is that  Experts say eggs should not be washed before cooking or boiling.  Why?

 This is because when a hen lays an egg and the eggs are sold in markets outside poultry farms, all the eggs are first subjected to a special process in which the natural shell or 'bloom' on top of the egg  Or the 'cuticle' is cleaned and then the mineral oil is polished.  This way, bacteria or other germs cannot enter the egg and do not interfere with your health.

 Do not wash eggs because washing eggs can cause bacteria to enter the water because their shells are porous.

 It is a common misconception that people should wash eggs first, but this is the wrong way, so from now on you must remember this before cooking eggs.

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