How good it is to sleep early and how harmful it is to sleep late.


Friends, in today's post I will tell you about sleep.

 Friends, you will read this post in its entirety. I hope you will find it very useful.

 Friends, if you get enough sleep, your next day will be very calm and pleasant. Most of the people are also very large, they stay up late at night and get up late during the day.  By doing what is very wrong, they are harming themselves.

 And there are some people who can't sleep at all, they use all sorts of ways to get them to sleep, and there are a lot of people who use caffeine, not a little, they use a lot of caffeine.  Never use it as it is a very harmful substance. Avoid it.

 Friends, there are many people in the world who have experimented with tea.  Some say that it is harmful to drink and some say that drinking tea does nothing.

 Most people say that tea does not do anything and there is no complete solution to this problem.

 All I can tell you is that when you want to sleep, you should put your mobile phone on the side two hours before, don't keep it with you or you are somewhere where you do not keep your mobile phone away from you.  If you can, friends either turn it off or put it to flight mode and lie down.

 You will fall asleep. If you are not getting any sleep even after doing this, then you should drink tea. Add a little sugar in it and add a small amount of tea leaf and drink it. Insha Allah, you will fall asleep.  You will go to bed, then you will read the words and keep on saying any words, you will fall asleep. And always keep your bed clean, you will fall asleep and that bed will also give you peace and enjoyment.

 Friends, one more thing to keep in mind is that the window in your bedroom is very useful for you, it will keep you fresh and you will keep your mouth out when you lie down on the bed, it will keep your breath out.  Will not decrease

 Friends, here I am going to tell you a very imported thing at the end, keep it in your mind.

 Successful people are those who get up before sunrise.  Those who stay asleep are not so successful.


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