Recognize your disease with your nail pimples ...


It is said that the face is a mirror . and you know the condition of the heart from that face ... so how is it possible that you are facing a disease from within and your face does not tell you?  Nail pimples appear on different parts of the face. If you read all of them, you will get an idea of ​​your diseases.

Fine rash on the nose

 If you have a rash on your nose and are leaving your mark, get your blood pressure and heart checked immediately ... because the rash on your nose indicates that you have started bleeding.  For this you can also improve your body by drinking a few cups of green tea.

Rash on forehead

 The rashes on your forehead are warning you that you are suffering from a lot of depression or anxiety these days ... which is affecting both your bladder and intestines ... one of the reasons is your sleep.  There is also a lack of food and at the same time eating foods that are balanced and not very fat ... your problem first comes to your forehead.

Grains near chin and mouth

 Your body is severely dehydrated and that is why your chin and mouth have declared this ... At the same time hormones are unbalanced ... Reduce salt intake and drink more coffee, spices and ghee.  Quit using sugary foods immediately ... try to increase fruit consumption.

Grains between fry

 Warning!  If you have pimples and nail pimples between your eyebrows, get your liver checked immediately. When you eat a lot of processed foods and junk food, your liver does not work as well as it should.  Eat a healthy diet and make walking a part of your life.

Rash on the jaws and neck

 When the rash starts to reach the jaws and neck, there are some problems in your stomach. Eating too much chili spices, or sleeping too late is also an important reason.  It will help ... and yes, try to get rid of the dust of your heart because these grains are also a sign of your heavy heart.

 Rash on the cheeks

 These tiny, coarse rashes on your cheeks are a sign of lung and kidney disease ... caused by too much smoking, stress or too much sugar. Increase water intake and  Get these grains treated regularly.

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