Know these benefits of eating an onion daily?


 Onions are present in every home, but try to use them in addition to daily cooking, it will help in solving all your ailments.  Because onions are antibacterial and antifungal, they also have antibacterial properties and the ability to retain energy for the body.


 1. Eating an onion daily will soften your skin and make it pink.

 2. Eating it will speed up hair growth.

 3. Any injury or wound will heal quickly.

 4. It will also kill germs in your body.

 5. It is also useful for weight loss, it is also useful for kidney and bladder stones.


 1. Do not eat it at night, otherwise there may be a slight burning sensation in the chest.

  2. Men with male impotence should never use it at night.

 3. Women should not use it too much during menstruation.

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