The Queen of Spices Numerous Medicinal Benefits of Pepper.


 There is hardly a house that does not have pepper as a spice in its kitchen.  From home kitchens to big hotels and wheelbarrow vendors, pepper is also used in food.  Is it Pakistan that enhances the taste of pepper all over the world and even uses it as an important ingredient in food?  That is why it is called the queen of spices.

Medical benefits:

Pepper strengthens the nervous system.  It tastes bitter and spicy.  Improves digestion and expels mucus.  Peppermint oil is used in various medicines.  Eating pepper increases appetite by increasing the secretions of the stomach and saliva.  However, people with stomach ulcers should not use pepper.  It can be used as a medicine in the following diseases.


When the stomach suffers from indigestion due to bloating and other reasons, grind a pinch of black pepper and make a powder of it and feed it to the patient by adding sugar in it, then the complaint of indigestion disappears.
 One-sixth of a teaspoon of pepper powder mixed with lassi is taken to relieve indigestion and stomach upset.

Cold & Flue

Elderly people in the villages who have got a cold due to cold are boiled in milk with almonds and poppy seeds, pepper and then the cold is gone.
 In case of severe cold and flu, thirty hot pepper powder, a pinch of turmeric powder is boiled in milk and given once in three days to get rid of this disease.

Nerve pain

For people suffering from joint and nerve pain, it is a useful recipe to fry a tablespoon of pepper powder in sole oil and fry it till all the ingredients turn black.  After this oil is massaged on the place where there is pain, the disease will go away in a few weeks.
 A mixture of pepper and sesame oil dilates the arteries, which reduces pain.

To increase memory:

Pepper improves the brain and nervous system.  Adding a pinch of black pepper powder to a teaspoon of honey and licking the honey increases mental strength.
 People with Alzheimer's disease can avoid mental confusion.

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