Women's issues and solutions after childbirth


 On the one hand, the delivery of the baby is a very happy occasion, but for the mother who gives birth to it, this time is a time of joy as well as many problems that she has to face - and if these problems are properly addressed.  If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.  The condition after delivery of a baby is called postpartum condition in which a mother faces many physical and psychological problems.


Physical problems

Constipation in the mother after childbirth.  Complaints of stiffness and swelling in the breasts.  Severe cold and heat, urinary irritation and weight loss may occur.

Psychological issues

Hormonal abnormalities during childbirth can affect a mother's mood and can lead to emotional, self-deprecating, lethargy and depression - and this happens to every tenth woman.  Women have a very critical time in their lives, so it is important to understand and support them.

Postpartum Precautions

After the birth of a child, special care is given to women in every society and it is very important for their health and life - so today we will tell you about some of the precautions to be taken in this regard.

Use pads instead of cloth

It is very important for women to take care of their hygiene after giving birth - so during this time they should use pads instead of clothes to protect themselves from any internal infections.

Use lukewarm water for cleaning

In this case, use lukewarm water instead of cold water for cleansing. This will soothe your internal organs and relieve the pains that occur during childbirth.

Get plenty of rest

In a situation where the responsibilities of the baby are very high and the baby has to be breastfed every three hours - as well as the responsibility of cleaning and other matters on the mother, rest is very important for her.  happens .  So make it a rule that you get enough sleep as soon as your baby is asleep and don't waste that time on anything because it's time to recover.

Eat a good and balanced diet

This is not the time for dieting, so do not refuse to eat and drink under the pretext of gaining weight - because the body is facing many internal weaknesses due to the birth of a child, which can be met only through the best diet.  In addition, since the baby is meeting its needs in the form of milk from your body, in order to give him healthy milk, you also need the best food which contains adequate amount of protein, fat.  And the presence of carbohydrates is essential.

Drink adequate amounts of water.

In this case, it is very important to take adequate amount of water and if the amount of water is taken less, it can cause constipation.  A large amount is being excreted - so if you take less water, the milk may be reduced.

Do light exercise

Light exercise is very useful both physically and psychologically for reactivating the organs of the body after maternity, so in this condition, women must take part of the day for exercise.

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