How is the power of 5 kg of meat in one kg of seed bilanga?


 Takhm Malanga is a popular and widely used seed in summer.  Its usefulness is very high and many benefits can be obtained from its use.  Takhm Malanga is commonly used in beverages which adds sweetness to the beverage and also provides immediate cooling in summer.  It is also used to lose weight

 But it is also very beneficial to use it to build strength in the body.  Takhm Malanga is also called Bilanga. It is commonly used in beverages as it has a cooling effect and its use eliminates heat in the body. Its use improves the function of the stomach and reduces acidity.  Comes

 Takhm bilanga is a type of basil plant but its leaves are slightly sour. Usually the plant is up to 4 feet tall.  The omega-3s in it help digest food and also eliminate acidity.  In addition, it cleans the stomach and intestines, improves sleep, and improves the immune system.

 Diabetics and ordinary people who are worried about gaining weight, today we will tell you a recipe, by following which you can melt your fat in just 7 days.  This recipe is made from lemons which is an excellent fruit for melting fat and its use speeds up the metabolism and leads to weight loss.

 The following ingredients are required to make the syrup: one and a half glass of water, one teaspoon of milling seeds, one teaspoon of honey, one and a half teaspoon of lemon water. Mix all these ingredients well and use it at any time of the day.  You will feel the power that is coming

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