eye weakness



Unless there is pain in the eyes and blurred vision, chances are you will not pay attention.

 But did you know that some common habits cause eye problems and poor eyesight?

Reading down

 If you lie down and open the book, the eyes have to work very hard to read the words, which results in pain first and then visual impairment, in a brighter room to avoid this.  It is better to read a book sitting on your lap.  If there is pain in the eyes during the study, a doctor should be consulted.

Look at the screen of smartphones more

 This small computer in the pocket helps us connect with friends and makes most of the work easier but it is a very destructive device for our eyes, its small screen means small text, which the eyes can see.  And it makes it difficult to read, which increases the risk of getting springs at a young age.

Using computers for a very long time

 Visual impairment is not surprising if you spend most of your time in front of a computer in your office, as the use of this device increases eye strain which can lead to other eye problems besides vision impairment.  According to medical experts, the reason for this is not only staring at the screens for a long time, but also the angle of the monitor, while not taking a break from work is also harmful.

 Drink less water

 Our eyes love water and it is an essential ingredient for healthy eyes. When you drink less water, the body suffers from dehydration and the eyes are most affected, according to a study.  Provides moisture to the eyes, one of the first symptoms of severe deficiency is dryness of the tears, dryness of the eyes and weakness of the muscles.

Distance from sunglasses

 Too much daylight can damage not only the skin but also the eyes. Medical experts say that the use of sunglasses protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, thus eliminating the need to compress the eyes due to excessive light.  Which is devastating for eye muscles.


This article is for general information.  Readers should also consult their physician in this regard.

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