The incredible benefits of olive oil.


Olive is a tree whose fruit is called olive. The oil obtained from the fruit is called olive oil. Olive and olive oil have innumerable properties and benefits.

 Olives and olive oil are also mentioned in many hadiths and in some respects it has been declared as a cure for seventy diseases.

 Olive oil is most useful and healing for stomach ailments. It warms the body, breaks out stones and also relieves constipation.

 By correcting gastrointestinal functions, olive oil increases appetite and also opens the intestinal tract. Leaf stones are also broken down by the use of olive oil.

 If you drink a small amount of olive oil mixed with milk, it gradually gets rid of ulcers completely and also eliminates gastric acidity.

 To get rid of chronic and chronic constipation, put a towel of olive oil in hot water and drink it, then the constipation will be relieved within two or three days.

 Olive oil is the most effective and effective antidote to eliminate the effects of toxins in the stomach or toxins.

 People who consume olive oil in one form or another can never suffer from bowel and stomach cancer.

 Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis can also be treated with olive oil. For this purpose, it is necessary to drink three ounces of olive oil directly or mixed with milk every day. If this process continues for about two months, the disease will continue.  Gets rid of permanently.

 Olive oil is also used to prevent asthma. For this, honey and olive oil should be mixed with equal weight in warm water and drunk. Continuous use eliminates asthma. Colds and coughs are also permanent.  As.

 Olive oil causes sweating. It gives strength and energy to the body organs.

 Olive oil can be used as an elixir to treat various skin ailments in isolation or in ointment. It is useful in all external ailments of the skin.  Applying olive oil is also beneficial for treatment. Constant massage of olive oil removes smallpox and wound spots.

 To get rid of many eye diseases and redness and inflammation, apply olive oil in the eye by suturing.

 Applying olive oil to the hair every day is the biggest and most effective way to prevent hair from turning white.

 Regular massage with olive oil also relieves joint pain and lameness.

 It is very beneficial for the skin if women make regular massage of olive oil to whiten their hands, arms and face and keep them hydrated.

 Applying olive oil on the bite of scorpion, bee or bee, etc., soon removes the effect of poison and relieves the pain.

 Applying olive oil in winter removes dry scalp from hair.

 People who cook in olive oil avoid countless ailments and diseases.

 Officials say that cooking rabbit meat in olive oil can reduce infertility in women.

Roast the cloves and grind them in olive oil to make an ointment.

Because cooked dishes, pickles or sweets in olive oil are unique in taste and do not overwhelm the stomach, olive oil has a positive effect on health and well-being and also increases gastrointestinal function.

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