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Microsoft Cortana is similar to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa and is used to search for different types of queries and to control smart home devices.  Here are some Cortana features that you can use.

Best Cortana features- Must Try
Open Windows 10 Apps With Your Voice

If you use Cortana on the Xbox One video game console, you know that you can use it to open games and applications.  Very few know that this functionality is also available for Windows 10 PCs and tablets.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  Open (app name) ”or“ Hey, Cortana.  Go to (app name) ”and you will see that your app will open.

Let me tell you that if you open any app from Cortana then that app will open faster than opening any app manually.  One problem with Cortana is that it doesn't recognize all apps right now. It works with most apps downloaded from the Microsoft store.  And it may not work with the app downloaded from this website.

 Create Reminders With Cortana

You can also set a reminder from Cortana.  You can set a reminder by saying “Hey, Cortana.  Remind me to wish birthday on April 15th ”or“ Hey, Cortana.  Remind me to call Ram at 3 p.m. ”  Reminders from Cortana on Windows 10 PC are synced to Android and iOS.  With the help of which you can receive reminders set even when you are out.  Cortana App reminder is recommended for major events, not for day-to-day routines.  So set up reminders that are special.

Control Your Philips Hue Lights With Cortana

By connecting your Philips Hue lighting system to Cortana, you can turn the light on and off with your voice command using a digital assistant.  You just say “Hey, Cortana.  Turn on the lights ”or“ Hey, Cortana.  Dim the lights. ”  Cortana’s control of Philips Hue lights is restricted to very basic things.  Alexa and Google Home offer more customization.

Track Deliveries & Flights on Windows 10

If you want to track any package or flight, paste your flight or tracking number on the Cortana icon in the search field of your Windows 10 taskbar and Cortana will provide you with information about the location and flight delay of your package.  Cortana tracking information is synced to Cortana mobile apps that keep you up to date with your delivery information even when you are away from home.

Play Spotify Music Using Your Voice and Cortana

By activating your Spotify account with Windows 10 PC, you can make your computer a smart speaker that can control your music.  Click the Notebook icon to add a Spotify account to Cortana.  Tap Manage Skills and then select Connected services and then select Spotify from Add a Service.

 Once connected, play the song “Hey, Cortana.  Play (song name) on Spotify ”or“ Hey, Cortana.  Play (playlist name) playlist on Spotify ”kahe.  Aap “Hey, Cortana.  Pause / Play / Skip track ”You can control the music with your voice.

I hope you find this article on Cortana features informative.  If you have any questions you can ask us in the comments section.



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