Quitting smoking is not easy, but Here's a great tip to get rid of this habit in minutes.



What is so special about just one lemon that it can break the habit of smoking in minutes?  Learn a tip you don't even know.

 Cigarettes are a drug that, once smoked by an amateur, becomes addictive and very difficult to quit.  But its harms and side effects are so serious and dangerous that no one can estimate it. It consumes the body like fire inside. However, the harms of smoking are known to everyone.  Performance is severely affected, including coughing, poor eyesight, heart disease, infertility, and more.

 Today we are going to tell you a special tip that can help you to get rid of smoking in minutes.


 Chop a lemon and squeeze the juice.

 Then add a glass of cold water, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sugar and mix well.

 Now put a few ice cubes in it and drink it whenever you want during the day.

 Why is this tip useful?

 - This tip is useful because lemons contain anti-smoker chemical compounds such as nicotine gum that are equipped with alkaline properties, so when you drink lemon or lemon juice and torture, the body removes fluids like nicotine gum from the body.  They are excreted in saliva and urinary tract and thus this tip helps to get rid of this dangerous habit.

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