How to service a laptop.

Hi friends in this post I will tell you how you can service your laptop.
  Guys here let me clear you when we all need to service laptops.
  Later, the screen of the laptop turns blue or sometimes a dump error occurs in the physical memory while walking. Or the speed slows down.
  So let's do the service now. What are the components to be served? Step by step, I will clear everything for you.
  A to Z all I am going to tell you in this post.
  So first of all take some components for servicing.
  First of all you need a cleaner with which you can clean your laptop properly.
  It also allows you to clean LCD etc.
  Then you need a number of brushes that you can use to clean the dust from the laptop.
  Then you need a screwdriver to open your laptop.
  And one you need a tweezers.
  Try to keep a small box of screw driver with you because some screws are small and some are large.
  Then you have to put your laptop upside down. There are some round rubber dots or straight strips on the back side of it. You have to remove it because some of the laptop screws are attached to the bottom of it.  ۔
  All you have to do is open the screw.
  After that you have to open the back part of the laptop but first check the laptop to be sure that it will be opened from here. When it is confirmed then you should open it carefully.
  Keep in mind that many laptops have a plastic body that has a high chance of breaking, so you need to make sure that it does not break.
  When you have to keep it upside down, you have to put a thick cloth underneath so that scratches etc. will not come on top of the laptop.
  You have to clean the cover on the side then you have to unplug the hard disk. You have to clean the hard disk points with rubber.
  And then you have to open the laptop fan, take it out and clean it thoroughly with a brush.
  After cleaning you have to remove the RAM then clean the RAM.
  After that you have to clean all the components you have extracted except the hard disk of the laptop.
  You have to keep them in a well ventilated place for a while so that they dry out.
  When it is dry, you can fix it in your laptop again.
  After fixing, you have to turn on the laptop, and connect it to the internet.  To update, after updating, you have to go to the settings of the laptop. After coming to the settings, you have to see that all the functions that are going to be updated have to be updated.
  Now your laptop is better than before, you can use it. Its speed has increased and the error will also be eliminated.
  I hope you enjoyed this post of mine and you must have learned something from it.
  If you have any questions you can ask by commenting in the comment box.

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