How the Rugby Players' Plane Crashed.

October 12, 1972 was a time when some rugby players had to leave to play an important match anyway.
 At that time, these players were not getting any flight in a hurry, the fare of the flight that was going was very high, so all the players pooled money together and rented an old plane, the name of this plane was Fairchild FH. 227D. During this period, passengers were afraid to board this aircraft because it was known that the Fairchild aircraft had a weak engine and was heavy.
 The plane was carrying a total of 45 passengers, including the players, some of their family members and a crew of five.
 All of them had to reach Santiago, the capital of Chile. The journey began, but the plane had to stop in Argentina because there was a terrible storm in the mountains where the plane was supposed to go. The situation had to reach Chile, so these players and their family members decided to go by a different route.
 The journey started on October 13. After a while, the plane began to wobble in the air. The passengers were shaking in the sky. Everyone thought that something terrible was about to happen. The struggle for life and death had begun.
 These shocks seemed to be due to a mistake made by the pilot of the plane. There were thick clouds. The pilot thought that he was about to arrive at the airport, so he turned the plane down from a high altitude. The reality was that the airport was still far away when the pilot realized it. He tried again to lift the plane, but in this effort, the back of the plane hit a snow-covered mountain, completely destroying the back of the plane. The plane was still 13,800 feet above the ground. Later, the plane hit another rock and the plane crashed and fell into a snowy mountain where there was snow everywhere. The plane stopped on the spot, it was destroyed on a huge mountain, the height of this mountain was thirteen thousand feet above the sea, there were screams everywhere, many passengers were seriously injured, the plane was also on the ground on a snow-covered mountain, which is a strange place for everyone. and there were mountains of snow all around, the temperature of the place was minus 22. It was difficult for the passengers to breathe. Some of the passengers were seriously injured. People helped each other. People had been killed, children, poor passengers had blocked the back of the plane with their belongings and everyone had moved there. Now there was only one thought running in the minds of these passengers that how they will reach home after leaving here.
 No one came to save these people. They spent some nights with difficulty, in which ten more people died of cold and hunger. reached that the news was spreading outside that the passenger plane had crashed in which all the passengers were killed. The news of their death was spreading outside the world and they were in a life and death struggle in a terrible mountain range. He was in a coma, his mother and sister were dead, the plane was in a place where there were snowy mountains and rocks, and it was almost impossible to find the place. The pilot of the plane was dead. Many people were still alive. He was badly injured and screaming in pain. At first, the survivors ate some of the food on board, then when they started dying of hunger, the passengers began to tear apart the dying and eat them. Twenty days after the shipwreck, twenty-seven people were still alive, who were starving their own companions by tearing them apart. They continued to eat the flesh of their relatives, and they had no other choice. More than twenty days passed, meanwhile, the snowstorm started to wreak havoc, in which eight more people were killed, and now the number of survivors is only nineteen. The remaining days passed and the survivors continued to eat the flesh of their own companions.
 When they went out for help, when the sun's rays fell on the snow, they could not see anything. In this environment, these people were alive and everyone was convinced that one day they would also die because there was no way to live. There was no hope that sixteen people would remain in the same way and they started waiting for death. Two of them were entrusted with the responsibility to go and get help from outside. Chali was still seventy miles away from them. Those two people went out for several days. Finally, after 72 days, those two people reached a river. There were already some people there. One question on everyone's mind was how they survived for 72 days. None of the sixteen said that they had eaten the flesh of their companions, but when the investigation was carried out, human bones were found where they were on the ship. When they fell, they insisted that we had eaten the flesh of our comrades
 Slogans will be raised against them that they are human eaters
 On which he was arrested and locked up in custody.
 When he was asked in the court, he said that besides this we had no chance to survive.
  If we didn't do that, how would we survive?
  After hearing this, the court released them.

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