Imran Khan The REAL FIGHTER Rules of Success Inspirational Speech.

Imran Khan is a national hero who made Pakistan the world champion by winning the World Cup in 1992.

 Whose mother died of cancer, he founded the best of its kind state-of-the-art cancer hospital for the treatment of cancer patients Made.
  When he entered politics, after a long struggle, he was elected as the Prime Minister of his country.
  Imran Khan himself told what is the basis of his success, what are the principles on which he can be successful.  So, in today's post, we will talk about the principles that we can learn from Imran Khan's life, which are the basis of Imran Khan's success.
  Like Imran Khan's great quality is that he does not give up or hope, he has successfully completed every task that people used to say that it could not be done. Imran Khan says that till date in the world  There is no great man who has achieved great things and who has not faced failures.  You will have to face failure and the one who gives up will be beautiful, he cannot see the sun of success. The real strength of a person is hidden inside him and some people, but most of the people, cannot discover it in their whole life.  A person realizes his true strength in difficult situations. His true abilities come out when he resists difficult situations. If you don't face difficult situations, those abilities will remain hidden inside you. Imran Khan  It is said that the one who does not give up is not defeated by defeat, he is not afraid of them, he learns from defeat, what mistake did I make?  I did not practice my technique was not good when he corrects his mistakes he stands stronger Always remember you only lose when you give up so never give up Imran  Khan's other great quality is that his dreams are very big. Imran Khan should say that you will become as big as you dream in life.  First my dream was to play for Pakistan then the dream became bigger to become the best bowler of Pakistan then the dream became bigger to become the best bowler in the world then when I became the captain the dream was to make Pakistan the world champion always remember in you  Bigger will be those who dream bigger. It's not hard to get big. It's hard to dream big. One sign of having a big dream is that people will laugh at your dreams.  If you are not flying, then your dreams are not big. Imran Khan says that there were more talented players than me. There were more intelligent players than me.  They were intelligent people but Allah gave me success because I used to dream bigger than people and think bigger, so always dream big in life and then work hard day and night to fulfill those dreams without your mistakes.  Learn and move forward never look back۔
  Friends, the third great quality of Imran Khan is that he has a lot of faith in himself. He has a lot of confidence in himself.  You should be sure of your success right from the beginning you should be sure of your success. You should never think that what will happen if I don't win Imran Khan says I never think like this my mind is  It doesn't work like that. I am sure before the work starts that the victory will be mine. I am sure of my success.  19 out of 20 doctors who met with him gave the opinion that it is impossible to build such a hospital in Pakistan, but I said that I will definitely build it and show it to you.  When Imran Khan was made Chancellor of Bradford University, he made a big historical sentence during his speech  He said that after Haralulson, he will be the chancellor who will also become the prime minister of the country, although at that time he had only one seat in the National Assembly.  He was claiming to be the prime minister so if you want to succeed in life believe in yourself because if you don't believe in yourself no one will believe in you and without believing in yourself you will fail in life.  Success is never achieved and learn something new every day in life.

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